Can you give me some examples of pastor anniversary themes with scripture support?


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You could of course use Matthew 22:14-17 but it all depends on circumstances and whether this is actually appropriate for the anniversary theme that you're looking for. If you're having trouble thinking of something then you could get in touch with some of the people within your Church. People within the Church will obviously have a good understanding of the Bible and will be enthusiastic to help you with something like this. Ask them what they think about themes and whether they can think of any scripture support, and if they can tell you off the top of their head that's a bonus. If they can't then they can always give you a phone call if they think of anything when they're at home.

You could also call on some other pastors within the local area for a little help in celebrating the anniversary. Other pastors from other Churches will be more than happy to help out. After all, Christianity is all about community assistance and helping people, so you can rely on other pastors and Christian to help you with something like this. With their extensive knowledge of the Bible, they will no doubt be able to come up with something that is absolutely perfect for the anniversary theme/scripture.

Maybe you could use a forum? Online forums provide access to a lot of knowledge given that so many people are active members. By finding an online Christian forum you could ask hundreds of people whether they have any thoughts. Simply sign up to the forum and make the minimum amount of posts, and then you will be able to start your own thread which asks this question. This could provide you with some really creative ideas.
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I don't know if you have this in your church, but in our church we have something called "Pastor's Appreciation Day".  I don't know when it falls during the year, but it's a day to tell your pastor that they have done a good job and to bless them in the name of Christ.

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