What Does It Mean When A Dog Bites You In Your Dream?


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It may mean that you have lost balance in your life or there is an inner conflict with yourself.

  • Dog bites
The question does not indicate where the bite occurred. Most dream interpretation sites state that if a dog bites you on the leg it means you have lost your balance in life whether it is just a small aspect of your life or throughout much of your life. In this instance it may mean you are hesitant to try a new situation or have no desire to move on.

  • Aggression with a dog
If the dog is aggressive in your dream it could mean that you have an inner conflict with yourself. This is often seen where the dog is growling or vicious during the dream state. It can also signify betrayal and untrustworthiness.

  • Other schools of thought
There are some who do not believe dreams have any real meaning and that they are meant mostly for entertainment for our brains during sleep. Though it is not a widely held belief, you may find that a dog biting you in a dream is just a dog biting you in your dream and nothing else.

  • Other dog interpretations
Most often when you see a dog in a dream it means intuition, loyalty, protection, generosity or fidelity. A dog is meant to symbolize strong values and good intentions as a way to bring you success. A dead or dying dog could mean you have lost a good friend or that your instincts are deteriorating. If you dream of buying a dog it often means you are buying friends, favors, or compliments or that you need a good companion. Dressing up a dog can show your own character flaws or habits in a dream.
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To dream about a dog biting you in your dreams means betrayal or untrustworthiness. I just had this dream last night and I think I know who to look out for.
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A lot of people say dogs represent loyalty and companions but a dog biting you means that you sense betrayal or false friends.  However, if you're not a dog person, this may not apply.  I have this dream frequently and I rarely see any dogs.
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Today I saw this dream a dog biting me or going to bite me... But I am holding his mouth around with my bare hands before he can take action. When I left it its again coming to bite me. But I got so angry that I broker the jaw bone of the dog and my dad appeared out of no were and I asked him to cut the throat of that dog. So he did and the dog dies. I took the knife cut it in to pieces and filled it in some pink school bag. And threw it behind my house. I still don't know what it means but I liked it... Screw you mad dog!
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That is just your frontal lobe indicating that you've seen a dog for long periods of time through out the day..    get this!if you look at something or some 1 for a long time through out the day,, you may dream bout them  interesting!

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