What Is A Bishop?


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A bishop is an ordained minister called by God to preach the word.
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A bishop is an ordained clergyman holding a particular office which, in some Christian churches, grants him a set of authorities. Bishops in Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches are responsible for dioceses. These are geographical areas of widely varying sizes and populations and also known as 'bishoprics'. Only bishops can ordain other bishops or priests and in some churches more than one bishop is required to be present at such a ceremony. In the Church of England bishops provide pastoral care for all the ordained priests in their diocese. There are many different types of bishop and titles for these. For example, an archbishop is the leader of an archdiocese, a large area comprising of several smaller dioceses. The UK's Archbishop of Canterbury is one example. Meanwhile the Pope, head of the whole Catholic Church also carries the more modest sounding title of Bishop of Rome.

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