What Do Bishops Normally Wear?


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Their vestments are called cassocks. The inner cassock is simply called a "Cassock". The outer cassock is called a "ryasa (russian) or "exorason". A "skufia" is a soft sided cap. A "kamilavka is a stiff hat. An "epanokamelavkion" is a veil extending over the back, worn with the kamilavka by all monastics and bishops. A "klobuk" is a kamilavka with an epanokamelavkion permanently attached; more common in the Russian tradition. (I just came up with that off the top of my head.)
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Well all I know is that when he goes somewhere he brings his staff with him, he a busy fellow, and his head wear is called a Miter because it has a sharp angle on top.  I also know he has money because a lot of it is in vestments. If he is traveling to the Holy land he also wears a purple Yarmulke.
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In their private living quarters, they wear slacks, shirt and tie.
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They tend to were casual dress wear in public.
Other then their alter gowns
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ALL priests or bishops wear a white cloak over thier regular clothes.  Just like Superman does. He wears his Clark kent clothes over his uniform.
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I thought that Bishops wore long black gowns with a red sort of like a scarf size thing AROUND THEIR NECKS. NOT SURE ON THAT ONE THOUGH. OR IT COULD BE WHITE WHAT THEY WEAR ROUND THE NECK, NUT NOT A COLLAR LIKE WHAT VICORS WEAR.

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