Should Religion Be Taught At Public Schools?


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Religion, in its conventional meaning, should not be taught in a multi-religious nation,because it creates more hatred than harmony.Like sex and love, it can be automatically learnt as children grow up.However, what is, on a lage consensus, deemed to be good or bad may be taught to ensure a strong influence on impressionable minds.
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Yes, but it shouldn't be so one-sided and it should at least mention some of the alternative/spiritual religions as well as the main ones.

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I think it'd be interesting to be able to have discussions about the various religions. They do go into it a little in the history books I think. Combining religion with history class probably keeps it from ever heating up. People shouldn't argue about religion.

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Yep so then people can make their own mind up in what they belief in rather than just following their parents beliefs
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Well perhaps they should follow their parent to continue on what they believed and their ancestors, i mean without all the traditions and values of their previous ancestors and what they had taught, what would basically become of them, i am religious jus sayin but not that religious, however i strongly feel the need to say that yes my parents followed their parents and so on i want myself to learn these traditions and values so that when i have children they could carry the values and traditions
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But what if the child didn't believe in it? Would you force them to believe it just because their parents do, and their ancestors did?
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No because some people believe in different things and its not rite to discuss another religion with some one who don't believes in a different religion.
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I believe it should be up to the school. And up to the parents and children if they wish to take that class.
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I think yes but only as an elective and not in any particular subject and definitely not as science. Maybe in social studies but I wouldn't even like it being taught there. Thats just my opinion.
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Reilly Runnels
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I think that the school system wouldn't be able to teach all the different religions in the world so i don't think so.
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No it shouldn't because if some one goes to church or learns religion out of school, they wouldn't want to learn another religion.
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Yes b/c kids should be taught about different religions so they can respect other religions and lead a good life
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Our country was based on Christian principles at the time of confederation. Is it ok to throw out all principles that we base our morality on.
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Yes I do think that religion should be taught in schools, but it shouldnt be preached. We should be able to learn about the religions not learn the religion itself. Also kids shouldnt be forced into learning about religions if they don't want to. To make that easier I think that religion should be taught from middle school to high school because most kids around elementary age level are not 100% sure about it and usually they only know what their parents have taught them.
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This is a tough question cuz people are from different religions,  so probably not such a good idea my opinion

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Religion in general are great for children to learn about with all the religions out there and their differences, but not a "religion specific" class.
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i think they shud have a class on each of the main religions so they can understand them
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Yes of course they should be taught if they are then they will be very confused about other religions when they grow up its all part of learning and they need to know about all the religions
this helps the children respect other religions knowing the similarities and differences between theirs and others religions

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