Who Is Jesus Christ And What Is His Mission To The World?


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Jesus Christ is God coming down in the form of His Son, --- to teach and set an example and tell the world the He and only He can and will save us from eternal damnation and separation from God ... And give us Truth and a new heart, with a new desire for what is right ... And an ability to love and forgive ... And ... And ... And ...  All we have to do is believe .... It's by grace, it's a gift, it cannot be earned.  It's free!
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Jesus Christ represent the holy ghost and the tells and means that we must change the way we are and so on, althou its hard but thats why theres prayer and all....
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His mission has already been completed. He came to earth and was born through the Virgin Mary, but he had the power of his Father Jehovah God. He was meant to die, crucified and took all of our sins, he went to hell and then ascended into heaven. He now sits on the right hand of his Father in his full power and glory.
I have seen him. He's awesome.
His other mission was to preach the kingdom of God and to tell everyone "REPENT FOR THE KINDGOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND". He performed miracles like making the lame walk, the blind see, resurrected the dead. He served others by washing their feet, sharing a meal, visiting what society considered the lowest of the low: Prostitutes, murderers, beggars, thieves and he cleansed them. His mission was to love everyone one. He did not play with demons. He told them, "COME OUT OF HIM!" if he saw they were possessing someone and they had to obey. I hope this helps you. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Just say it and mean it from your heart.
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Jesus was sent as a child to this earth to be with his people and to suffer on the cross, carrying the weight of our sins so when we stood at the judgement He would say this is my child if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior and if not He will say depart  I know you not then God will send the unbeliever to eternal torment in hell for the sins we have done. He gives a choice and it's wonderful serving God.

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