Is It Possible To Become Superhuman?


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You it is possible to become superhuman, first with these steroids nobody can tel if there are limits, and you know like practise has proved itself to make one perfect, so depending on what you want to do, put in effort and dedication, it shouldn't be that hard, do your research as the witches how they fly with the broom and do it in the afternoon, in africa we don't call it being superhuman, its so common people do all sorts of things, is just that americans are weird, by the way whats their book? The guiness book of records or something, eating worms for a record doesn't make you super, come on, make mr o prouda you, ask the zimb..'s  how their pres... Got to be superhuman, that folk looks 17 and is 190 or something, and as for osa... Bin... Isn't he superhuman for living underground with tapeworms? They are probably feeding on the pubic hair on his face...

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