How Do People Get Possessed By The Devil? Do You Know Someone Who Has Been Possessed Before? What Things Did They Do That They Had No Control Over?


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Each person will react differently to demonic possession, but you only need to look as far as the Bible for what possession by a demon is like.

If you need help figuring out whether someone has been possessed, here are the symptoms to look out for:

What happens to someone who is possessed by the Devil

Although many people might not believe in Satanic possessions, the truth is this phenomenon is actually mentioned in the Bible.

According to the Bible, there are several signs and symptoms of possession:

  • The demon's personality takes over the host's- All signs of a person's personality will slowly disappear, and be replaced by the demonic personality of the spirit within:
Suddenly they shouted, "What have you to do with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?" (Matthew 8:29).

  • Loss of control- A person who is possessed loses all control of bodily movement and functions:
And when the demon was cast out, the mute man spoke: And the multitudes marveled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel (Matthew 9:33) A possessed person will begin speaking in a different voice- the victim may also use tongues or languages they didn't previously know. Very commonly, ancient languages like Aramaic are used.
  • Unusual abilities- A person who is possessed might suddenly develop super-human strength and the ability to physically do things that other humans can't. Their knowledge and wisdom (especially of history) might also increase.
So these are the signs to look out for, according to the Bible, but if you genuinely fear that you (or someone you know) has been possessed, then I recommend you get yourself to a priest as soon as possible!

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Demons are very real. I didn't used to believe until it happened to me.

Satan will do all he can to weaken a person, making them easier to take over.

Prayer and belief in Christ is the only thing that helps.
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Trust us you don't want this.
It has been like this for 25 years, no one can help, no one understands.
You do NOT want this.
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There is nothing glamorous about being possessed by the Devil. I know because I have been and am still dealing with the repercussions of this. I didn't make this choice it was made for me based on a life or death situation.

I think you should be careful in what you say or do because by the intention of putting forth such a request you are putting yourself in an environment that will make you exposed to anything or anyone- and this is definitely not what you want because it will attract things that you do not want in your life and eventually it will destroy your life as well as those people or things around you that you care about.

Shows like the "Haunting" seem to want to make it seem as though a possession is something you can try out like a new type of cuisine or something and if you don't like it you can just remove yourself from it or um, not try it again?(Ha Ha, right)

It doesn't work like this AT ALL.
Once you put yourself into this world that's it, there is no walking away or turning back. It can subside somewhat by spending much time and effort, and quite often money to exorcise it or send it away but it is and never will be an easy task.

You literally pay for this with your life and you will be imprisoned as long as you live and you will die as a result of this.
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"There is nothing glamorous about being possessed by the Devil. I know because I have been and am still dealing with the repercussions of this. I didn't make this choice it was made for me based on a life or death situation. "

That is very true and I am in a similar position. I'm currently looking for someone who can perform an exorcism. There are very few people out there who can successfully perform an exorcism.

Also, people simply brush this off as a "mental illness" such as schizophrenia because they can't explain it. I feel it's ignorant of people and they need to be more informed about possession. It is very similar to schizophrenia.

Please email me a bit more about your position. I am currently seeking help and I feel like I don't have much more time.
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Spiritual possession is what occurs when a demon, spirit, animal, or any other disincarnate entity starts to control a body that is not its own.

While the signs of possession are varied some of the changes include changes in personality; in sleep patterns; in weight (that is either loss or gain); and personal hygiene.

Possessed people may start to curse excessively which is typically out of character. Another typical sign to look out for is a sudden aversion to religious items. Such people may take up self- mutilation and become violent.

They may seem to take on a different personality or suffer from multiple personality disorder. Possessed people may seemingly suffer from blackouts in their memory.

They often collect occult materials and become sexually pre-occupied.

According to the Catholic Church, true signs of possession would include a display of superhuman strength, frequently accompanied by fits and convulsions; personality changes; possession of knowledge of the possibly the future or other private information.
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If you spew green stuff!
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To start there is no such thing as devil, it is the people with devilish behaviour. Possessing? Yes, people tend to take advantage of others because of their circumstances.

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A quick way to find out is, are you able to say this? "Jesus is My Lord and Savior" if you can't say it even when you try - there is a possession.
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I've been possesed 3 times already & I'm only 13!
The ghost that possessed me was verbally violent & people would say that I was cussing. But I couldn't remember cussing.
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Things come out of your mouth that you don't want to say, and you do things that you have no control over- this sort of thing happens after too much gin and tonic, in my experience.

No need to invoke the devil and his tricky demands for your eternal soul.
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I think maybe you are just a little sensitive or full of a little nervous emotions. I don't think there are really devils or ghosts, or anything else. The only thing we may sometimes think mysterious is just our spirit.

So my friend, don' t trust anything like that. Trust yourself!
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If you believe in god I sure as hope you believe in The devil. Have you read the bible? Wow.. Your nuts not to believe in that stuff..
Be careful that might come back and haunt you...:S
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Demons are real and if you really dont think they exist they will come after you with a butcher knife and dragg your ass down the hallway while you scream in horror and slice and dice your ass.
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But, if you don't believe in demons, you have nothing to be afraid of.
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Why would you want to see how it feels to be possessed? Possession is real, the spiritual world is real, and many people take it so lightly.

The only purpose that satan has for us is to destroy us, and to influence us to destroy ourselves. This is no joke, hell is not a fairytale- please be careful what you wish for, my recommendation for you would be Bible study.
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Possession is not a game. It is easy to become possessed but extremely difficult to get rid of that spirit. I am speaking from experience so don't even go there.

I would suggest you get possessed by the Holy spirit. You will never be the same. You will speak things you don't understand and do things you don't understand and dance and feel like there's no reason gravity should have any control over you.

It's so much more awesome than evil spirits. Try that dude. Either which way your soul goes to whoever possesses it. Think about that too.
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When you say speaking from experience....what do you mean? What are your experiences? I am worried I am going through something at the moment, well it's been going on for years.
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Since the idea of possession is anti-scientific and goes against all that humans have learned about how psychiatric disorders work, the best answer perhaps it to say that you can just assume that you are not possessed. In the past people with metal illness were said to be 'possessed'. Our culture has thankfully moved beyond those times.

Science and medicine have shown us that events and diseases have natural sources, not supernatural.

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Wwjd4iana, according to you, most of the world is possessed then, because why on earth would anyone who is not a Christian say that? Such a declaration of faith would be compromising their own beliefs.
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Turn to JESUS, He is the only one that can SAVE you & His name is the only name that can cast out the demons in your life!! I will pray for you!!! God bless!
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What happens if you want it to happen, I have read the Bible and I have gone to church a bit actually and to me it's all because I believe that the devil is more real and more alive then God himself

Look at the world and what's happening to those people who didn't deserve (and children) or didn't ask to die but yet your GOD is so easily ready to decide who lives and who dies. There is no right or wrong, it's called CHOICE.

So those of you who read the Bible and believe in GOD good for you but you know what your kid/s could be walking home from school and get hit by a car who is the first person you blame after the driver- GOD

So leave the preaching to those who go to church..I believe in the devil and everything that goes with it, it might be bad but at least you know you're going to die, not live a lie believing in something that is going to kill us all and hide behind a cross.
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You don't want to be possessed its like someone doing their bidding while you get the bad end of the deal( mostly death). You won't feel anything because you will black out and won't remember.

I haven't been possessed before or anybody else but I bet it won't be a fun ride.
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Devils are real. We Catholics believe that. Even in other religion there is evidence that there were and are devils.

Yes, they are right - being possessed is not a joke. It will make your life miserable and may cause your death.

To those who don't believe that there are devils even if you're not a Catholic just read the Bible.
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I believe the devil is in all of us, but sometimes the devil wants some of us
to have a higher percentage of evil. I don't think just anyone can be possessed,
only those worth possessing and corrupting.

I, for example am evil at heart. I feel like the only thing stopping me from doing terrible things is the law. Because of this demons will ignore me, knowing that sooner or later I will show how evil I can be.

You want to be possessed, and from that I can deduce that you are on the evil side of the spectrum, and are less likely to be possessed. So I guess you're shit outta luck, pal

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