Is There Any Ways To Make Impossible Wishes Come True? Plz Answer?


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Wishes only come true if you believe in them. 

There is no proof that wishes could come true but there is no proof it can't. But make sure it is a wish you really need/want , or else the spirits see you don't need it and ignore your wish. So if you have a wish you really want... Start believing in it and watch it come !!!

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Wish on something special and hopefully it will come true.

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Wish on a crystal or something similar, and just believe :)

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Yes there is, but the answer or gift won't arrive the next day. It will be a persistent fight with yourself to achieve the glory you desire most. Just believe, push yourself out of your created bubble and find the tools you need, so when it becomes time to work on those skills that go hand in hand with your journey, you will be prepared for your travels.

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Older question, but worth another response.

Something may be judged impossible only because no one has figured out how to do it yet.

But you could be the one to do it---"Go where no one else has gone before and leave a trail."  (From a motivational poster I once saw.)

"The difference between the difficult and the impossible is that the impossible takes a little longer time."  (This expression has been circulating and evolving for more than two hundred years according to the internet."

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Try going to  I am doing it right now, and it is pretty cool. It's free, you don't need to give any information, and it makes your wishes come true!! It is REALLY awesome.
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No, Thats kind of a trick question. If something is impossible it is not feasible to assume it can be overcome. Overturn your original question into "Can a wish that seems impossible be granted?"

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