Can A Vampire And Werewolf Have A Child?


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Well are you talking about breaking dawn?
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martha commented
PEOPLE!! There are NO such things as all this!! GOD did not create vamps and werewolves- A person may want to be one or even believe he is - going as far as to act like one.
audrey anna
audrey anna commented
Ouch. You don't know that.
Wolf Young
Wolf Young commented
How dare you closed minded ignorant people. Who the hell do you think you are?!
Just because "God" didn't write it in a stupid little book doesn't mean it doesn't exist!
People like you are why the world is crumbling.
Werewolves and Vampires DO exist! Jut because stupid Hollywood producers and Stephenie Meyer wrote and portrayed them as monsters and non existent doesn't mean they are!
Yes not everything they say about them is true, but don't insult us and say we're fake!
Mary at  your service   :) Profile
Well usually they don't because vampires and werewolves only mate for a one night fling. They usually don't get together. But if they do do it right then maybe.
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bevan Evilsizer answered
Yes a vampire and a werewolf can have a child but it would be a mix of both species other wise known as a werepire!
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If  lovere your loveing baby mommy and  daddy soo must bigger time sooo must 
umm... Why should I tell you? Profile
There is no such thing. If you're talking about two HUMANS having a child, then yes.
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Masurao nonofyourbuisness
Listen wickforg98 I know you have no brain what so ever If this had been published after I warned you to stay away from this category so here's a second warning STAY AWAY FROM THESE CATEGORY.
Kalika Perne
Kalika Perne commented
There is such thing. I am a vampire.
Bryson Lupine
Bryson Lupine commented
The only legit supernaturald here are probably me and kalika because she isn't using slander and is putting this all bluntly...and btw No the child will always miscarraige and anyone saying other wise Is wrong I have lived a very long time and have never encountered that...ever
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Kitt answered
Yeah, they can. I'm the result of such a thing. I don't advise it though, side effects are annoying.
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Kalika Perne answered
Rarely. It is only possible if the vampire and werewolf are deeply in love. Which, is very un-common.
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Yes yes of course. I won't ever do it though mating with a vampire would be annoying like dewpaw said side effects for me.

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