Is Hindu-Muslim Marriage Successful After One Of Them Converting To Muslim Legal?


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If a partner converts to Muslim then they consider the marriage legal under Muslim law.  However, this does not necessarily mean that the marriage will be successful.  All marriages can fail and it is more likely where there are cultural or religious differences.  Families can put great strain on the relationship and if the couple have problems this can sometimes be the breaking point.
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Marrying one another is possible even though they come to the same religion or not. But being success full, it is not impossible but very very hard. Both of you should be equally ready to sacrifice everything for the sack of love
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Yes  only the family inteferes with it but if the are happy with it it is possible
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No it cannot be said. The both partners should be Muslims before the marriage, even through a meeting before the marriage. It must be remembered to be true or equal Muslims. It cannot be a matter of love for the non-Muslim, or anything. It must not be to sacrifice your or your children's faith. You must refrain from anything and be ready to sacrifice anything if it hinders your faith.
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