I Am Hindu If I Marry A Muslim Boy What Problems I Have To Face?


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I ve seen 2 Hindu Muslim marriages that have failed.. Both my frends..
In both the cases girl was from Hindu family and guy frm Muslim.. Initially the guys were very much in love.. They stressed that they wouldnt mind them following their own faith,they had many plans for future.. Like wt name they can keep thier kids, how thye would celebrate each others festival, how he would still love her even though she was a hindu..
After 5 yrs wen they told at home,as usual both families didnt agree.. Both were adamant on thier decision..finally guy's side put a condition that she should convert to islam.. The guy started convincing my frend to convert...she was initially not ready,but he convinced her tat that the conversion ws only for getting married,and later she could follow her own religion..finally my frend agreed and eloped frm her house n got married..her parents disowned her after this..
The worst part for her was after wedding... She was forced to go to urdu classes,read quran,pray regularly, wear burkah, changed her name , not wear bindi..
She even attended her sister's wedding in a burkha.. Though her parents didnt want her to attend because they disowned her, dey only let her because she was really very close to her sis..
She went thru a lot of such things.. She was in depression after this.. It was the worst situation for her.. We had tried to make her understadn of consequences earlier before marriage  but she never   gave ears to it.. Her husband didnt care even if she was crying, he was tied by his parents' so called feelings as he terms it.. She finally divorced him.. She is devasted ,she now says she did the worst mistake by taking such a foolish step in her life...her parents have gradually started contacting her unable to bear listening to wt happedn to her..she is undergoing a treatment with a therapist now..
Another frend was a bit lucky that she somehow escaped from all this a bit early,but even she  converted to islam, but she is a strong girl and now living life with  a guy of same religion and veyr  happy with 2 wonderful kids.. She is really glad tat she got over the situation and abel  to live again happily..
I agree love is everything in life.. But wt abt parents who care for you,wt abt the faith that you have grown up with, wt abt your individuality are you ready to give it up just because you feel you can't let go this untrue relationship.. ?
If you feel your bf is very much understanding and if he can stand  by you all the time,and never ever try to chaneg you, pls go ahead and marry him.. Teach your kids best of both religions..
But else its better to cry for the lost relationship for few days rather than spoil your entire life..

I too was veyr liberal abt such marriages earlier, but after seeing 2 of my frends suffering I seriously feel such relationships should never be even though of, as they spoil your parents life, and eat up your own life.. After seeing thier life, I did a lot of research on this, I found that atleast 85 - 90 % Hindu Musilm marriages end in a miserable state.. I read many books after this, latest being 'Avarana' by S L Bhyrappa .
Pls don't think tat I am trying to tell only one sided story of Hindu Muslim marriages,and I am trying to brainwash ppl by such posts but your life is really worth it, don't waste it by a decision which is taken in haste or without thinking of the consequences..
Take right decision which can keep you ,your parents happy..
All the best..
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My friend married to a Muslim girl and this happen to her, another friend of mine married and she had this problem.... And so on.....

Can't you think in a positive way?

What happened to your friends was bad, and I would like to say that its the fault of your friends to go for the wrong guy. Religions are meant to make one a good human, and every religion preaches love in its real essence(talking about religion not the followers)...Religion are to be followed, not imposed. So don't think its because of the religion that they split, its because of that individuals.

Am not sure where you get this 85-90% cases in the miserable form statistics, I know you are just exaggerating in this case. And to be very clear to you I would like to tell you one thing, that whoever you are I don't know but one things is for sure that you have never been in love, you never will be loved ever, because you preach hates on the basis of religion, I am not sure, whether you are a Muslim or Hindu/boy or girl but whoever you are, you are the worst enemy of the humanity who don't want to see two people in love.

Mr Guest keep one simple thing in mind, marriages are between two individuals not between religions, so have some mind and think again before spreading any such hateful thoughts and stopping people from loving each other.

Until now all the cases that I ve seen and heard from authentic sources are staying happy.

And one thing more, I will never care for the people who don't care for me, even if they are my parents! If they care for my happiness I ll be the best one to them but if they don't why the hell should I care. Because there cannot be parents that do not care for their children and even still if they do not care , it means you are free to go against that!...

Remember, This is your own life, live it the way you want, you are the master of your life! And by the way there are no guarantees for the arrange marriage either, even they fail, even they split, even they fight, even their children have problems.

SO Mr Guests, never come again here with lose ideas and low level facts, get a life Mr guests!
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I believe his faith will not accept you as his wife unless you convert to Muslim. They are allowed more than one wife. If you are not from the same country this could cause problems as often the man expects to take any small children when the relationship breaks up. I also believe if you do not convert to his faith this is considered a grounds for divorce. Any relationship between people of different faiths if they both strongly believe in their own faith is a source of conflict. Marriage is difficult enough without the problems of faith and culture - but they can hopefully be worked around with compromise and going into the relationship with your eyes wide open.
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no not all a issue caste is only like a ship we are sailing.

as Masha allah 786 and lord shiva always one and same

Balija naidu matrimony

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