Taurus The Bull Represents What God?


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Although the mythology surrounding Taurus is extremely varied, it's generally considered that the bull represents Zeus - the king of the gods.

In ancient Greek mythology, the bull was the form that the king of the gods (Zeus) took, in order to rape the Phoenician princess, Europa.

What god is Taurus?
This is how the story goes:

  • Zeus had fallen in love with the beautiful princess Europa, after he saw her walking with her friends on the coast.
  • Zeus transformed himself into a huge white bull.
  • Europa and her companions saw the bull and were enticed by its grandeur and beauty.
  • The princess and her maidens placed flowers and garlands around the neck of this magnificent beast.
  • Europa trusted the animal so much that she climbed on the bull's back.
  • At this point Taurus ran amok and plunged into the sea, still with Europa on his back.
  • The bull and his hostage swam to the Greek island of Crete.
  • Upon reaching Crete, Taurus transformed back into Zeus.
  • Zeus then raped Europa.
  • She eventually had three sons with the king of the gods.
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The worship of the bull has been prevalent in many nations of the ancient world which include Greece, Egypt, Assyria and Persia.

In Ancient Greece, bulls were sacrosanct to Poseidon which is the Greek God of Sea and Storms and also to Dionysus. In one more legend, Taurus represents the white bull which sired the famous Minotaur god.

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