What Do Fairies Eat And Drink?


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As you can imagine, a fairy's diet consists mainly of sweet things such as cakes, cookies, candy, Turkish Delight, and other sugary treats.

The only exception to this rule is the Tooth Fairy, who prefers eating healthier things like apples and raisins (because she despises sugar and the effects it has on humans' teeth).

What do fairies eat and drink? The interesting thing about fairies (or faeries) is that their digestive requirements are completely different to those of humans. This is partly because they are so small and therefore don't require as much protein and nourishment as we do.

Faeries also have very small teeth, so anything that they eat has to be soft and easy to chew.

Also, although children are often told not to eat too many sugary treats, a fairy could pretty much live off sugar alone! This is because they fly around so much, and are constantly burning off energy.

In this context, faeries are a bit like hummingbirds. Their metabolism is high because they are always active - and this means they have a sweet tooth, because they are naturally drawn to food and drink that is high in energy (hummingbirds are known for happily drinking sugar-water).
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They eat mostly honey, Turkish Delight, cakes, cookies, blueberrys, bread and chocolate chips.

A tooth fairy tends to like apples as they are very good for your teeth. And drink? Well, fairies all have their own opinions on drinks.

Some drink lukewarm milk and honey, and some like spring water. But most of all, they love flower nectar, like all faeries!

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