How Do I Ask Cocal Cola For Product Donations For A Church Event?


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Jeremy Cairns answered
Find your local distributor in the phone book or on the internet, call them, and inquire who takes care of donations. Then compose a short formal letter on your church letterhead specifically naming the event, the purpose of the event, the date, the number of people, and the expected need. Address the letter to the specified person. This should be done 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event. Be sure to extend an invitation and for them to come back with their number of expected attendees. Do not make the invitation a prerequisite to donation.

I would also ask anyone in the congregation who owns a store or has access to a Coca Cola delivery driver. Delivery drivers often have really great access to their product (free cases and promotional products) and may be able to donate product without going through official channels.

Good Luck!!

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