Who Are Quakers?


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Quakers are also known as the Society of Friends. The Quakers were founded in the seventeenth Century by George Fox. Quakers believe in God, but reject the concept of churches, liturgy and formal services. Instead they meet at the Friends House and there is no formal vicar or religious leader, the group simply waits for God to choose a member to receive his word and then 'quake'.
Quakers were viewed dimly by the Church of the time, with 450 dieing in prision as a result of the Quaker Act, 1662. However, it is now accpeted as a very tolerant and gentle religious movement.
Quakerism was very popular in the Midlands and north of England during the seventeenth and eighteenth Century. During this time it established itself as progressive, advocating the abolition of slavery and supporting women's rights. The Quaker movemnt is also largely pacifist and during both World Wars, the Quaker movement opposed the conflicts.

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