Who Was Heraclitus?


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Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher who lived in the 6 th Century BC, He thought that all things were made from one substance,which had to be either earth, wind, fire or water. He chose fire as being the root of all things. He also felt that everything changed constantly and that all things must pass, unless change, which happened constantly. He thus coined the term 'everything changes but change'.
The analogy used was that of a candle. He thought that the world was like the flame of a candle. It looks the same but is actually ever changing in terms of its substance. He also illustrated his argument by challenging someone to step twice into the same river: this cannot be done, since you cannot step into the same water, it flows and so is different. Again, a river would look the same, but is actually made up of different water. Some schools of thought today still pay credance to his views.

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