Which Of The Pre-Socratic Philosophers Had The Most Compelling Ideas? Briefly Summarize The Philosopher's Idea Or Ideas. Why Do You Find These Ideas Compelling? Include A Practical Example Of One Of The Philosopher's Ideas In Your Response.


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Heraclitus of Ephesus (535–475) is, in my opinion, the most influential pre-Socratic philosopher and the one with the most powerful ideas. Heraclitus requires his audience to try to think away their purely personal concerns and view the world from this more detached perspective.
By the use of telling examples he highlights the relativity of value judgments. The implication is that unless people reflect on their experience and examine themselves, they are condemned to live a dream-like existence and to remain out of touch with the formula that governs and explains the nature of things. This formula is connected (symbolically and literally) with 'ever-living fire', whose incessant 'transformations' are not only the basic operation of the universe but also essential to the cycle of life and death. Fire constitutes and symbolizes both the processes of nature in general and also the light of intelligence. As the source of life and thought, a 'fiery' soul equips people to look into themselves, to discover the formula of nature and to live accordingly

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