How Do You Spend Your Christmas?


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I spend christmas in my country as the following.In the evening(one day before christmas)we have a celebration in our college.Then at night,we go to church with priests.In the morning after we return,there are different foods prepared.We including our neighbours eat breakfast,drink coffee...In the afternoon,we go to church again...
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Jay Hay
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What a better way to put Christ back in Christmas then to spend it with church, collegiates, neighbors... Family?
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We spend ours with family.
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With family in Alaska? Or elsewhere? I suppose that you have a rather good idea if there will be snow for Christmas at your home.. Forecast: Sun-snow, Mon-snow, Tue-snow...
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yessiree, Alaska, and right now there isn't even a foot of snow yet. :-(
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I will be spending Christmas with family.  My family comes to our home each holiday: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.  I cook the main portion of the meal and every one else contributes a side dish.  I look forward to having my family all together just as much as I do the holiday itself.
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Before christmas,mum usually gives us a plan.We make arrangements about the places we are to visit and generally the plan for the whole day.Right from when we wake up,we set off for church,I meet so many friends and we share our christmas experiences,how much each one of us has prepared and what each of our plans are.After church we all go back home watch christmas movies,meet with different relatives,share our experiences and thereafter eat.That's what happens during christmas and we all love it.
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I make a huge pot of clam chowder and about 100 ham biscuits and my 4 closest neighbors families get together and exchange gifts and eat and have us one large time.
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It usually starts out at my house. Everyone wakes up and we open the gifts underneath the Christmas tree.After that we start preparing for the Christmas dinner. We cook plenty of ham and pies and stuff. Other family members usually start arriving around 4 or 5 o'clock and we just enjoy everyone's company. Lots of fun.
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I used to spend my Christmas day by inviting my friends for the party or sometimes we are being taken out with our parents. This xmas I will visit my cousin who gave birth to twin kids because I have bought for them nice presents.
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Well when I was back home in Alaska, we always gathered our friends together and we'd make large meals for everyone. We never wanted anyone to be alone on Christmas, so they came by our house and spent Christmas dinner with us and stuff. :) This year, though, since I'm so far away from home, I'll probably be spending it alone.
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I will be spending it with family. This year everyone is bringing something to my parents house.
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My Christmas will be wonderful because am planning to spend it with my friends.Am planning to invite my friends to go with them out,in a hotel and have a good time with them.
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I just celebrate with my family and help make food. Its fun though family is most important.
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The  main thing is to remember the Real reason for Christmas,to get together with as many members of your family& love for each other&enjoy each other
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It's like a holiday for me I like to spend this day just like a no work pressure day. :)
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Christmas is a time where we usually hang out with family and friends!
Sometimes we can go abroad but most of the time with family!
Its a time where we all come together and just have a whole lot of fun!!!!!
I love Christmas!
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Christmas day was my wife's birthday & since her death christmas day for me just comes & goes usually without me even being aware of it...So merry christmas everybody else...!
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Spending it with the family and my friends and with Jesus in my heart because that's the main reason we celebrate Christmas. DON'T FORGET CHRIST IN THE MASS!!!!!
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I always spend my christmas with my family and friend.If posible with a family reunion too.
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At first I'll go to church and thank god for the blessings (I'm a christian) then spend the noche buena with my family
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Like every body we decorate the christmas three and we makee turkey!!!
And I go buy the christmas presents for my family.
And we go to hamilton to vistit my relatives!!!
Not more than that of last christmas because this time my parents used a lot of money in paying up my  fees at campus in makerere unversity in uaganda, so I don not think I/we will spend much.
Vuciri isaac
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There are several family gathering leading up to the day of Christmas, as well as a couple of plays at Church (the two Sunday's before Christmas - the youth program, and the adult.)  Christmas day starts with breakfast (always done up with a wonderful full course setting of all our breakfast favorites (eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, doughnuts, hash browns, etc).  We then as a family sit around in the living room and read the Christmas story from the Bible (Luke 2).  After a prayer of thanks and praise - the boys dig into their presents.  Our goal is to put things in the proper perspective.  Christmas is about Christ and the gift He gave to us.  To commemorate and remember, we celebrate, give gifts to others, and enjoy the fun, family and terrific fellowship of friends and loved ones.
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Jodi Something answered
This year is my year to work.  I have to work every other year because I am a nurse.  So I will have Christmas with my kids a few days before and the weekend after christmas I am going to my families christmas.  We usually have an overnight and play cards and eat until 3-4 in the morning.  Lots of fun.
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Jay Hay
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The sacrifices of being a care giver... Most of the people who you tend to during the holidays would most likely rather be healthy, with the ability to chose the location of their holiday celebration. I am certain that they are thrilled for your compassion and service at such a trying time in their lives.
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Charlotte - answered
I spend my christmas with my family, waking up early, calling everyone we know wishing them a merry holiday, half my family stays over and we exchange gifts in the early morning, we mess about and try out our various gifts, watch things such as doctor who christmas specials, me and my dad start a puzzle, my mother moans about needing space for the christmas lunch, we have christmas songs on all day and think about all the things that makes us happy :) x
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Calvince Arodi answered
This is always a very important day to me because it's the only day all our family members be together, drinking, eating, storing and listening to music. The later at night we are young members we always make small party and invite our friends to dine with us for the whole night,thats where my 2000 will go to, we always contribute as much as one can.
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David Mathley answered
I drive 100 miles south of my home on Christmas eve and spend Christmas eve with my family and then on Christmas morning I drive 100 miles back home to spend Christmas day with my wife's family.
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Something else. I plan on sleeping from December 24th through January 2nd. It's less depressing that way.
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Watch my children open their presents,go to my mothers for dinner,and spend the whole day with family taking pictures and playing games.
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Spending it with family and relatives. We get together and eat, hang out and have fun!!!!
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I have one son with spouses and 8 grand-kids - and they are grand kids aged 22 - 13.  I shall spend it with them.
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Spending it with my family ...  since I'm mexican I don't open my presents in the morning...I open my presents at night.. First , we pray and kiss baby jesus...(catholic)second, we take like a 5 minute brake . And then open our presents ...
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There are so many dіffеrеnt wауѕ thаt реорlе іn thе Unіtеd States spend Christmas. When there are children in the home, Christmas morning usually starts off very early wіth thе wonders оf whаt Sаntа Clause brought. Usually a child at some point will be known to sneak out during the night and take a peek. They get so excited they just can't sleep.

In the morning most families wіth сhіldrеn lіkе tо gеt thе whоlе family together. As the children come out to see what Santa Clause brought them the parents are there to take picture after picture of the excitement on their children's fасеѕ, and рісturеѕ of the unwrapped gіftѕ Santa has left them.

Now it's time to open presents. While some just start opening their presents other families like to tаkе turns ѕо they саn see whаt each other got.

After the toys and presents are opened it's time for breakfast. Some families are known to make a big breakfast others just have something to hold them over until their big meal.

The time реорlе еаt thеіr hоlіdау mеаl, and whеrе they eat it differs greatly. Usually Christmas dinner will start anywhere from noon until 8:00 in the evening. This is a time for family and friends so if реорlе аrе nоt serving dinner in thеіr hоmеѕ thеу are most likely on their way to friends and family.

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My husband and I, along with our 3 sons will spend Christmas eve at my daughters's house. All the grandchildren & step grandchildren will be there for Christmas morning to open presents. We will spend the day together and have a prayer & dinner that evening.

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