How Do You Spend Your Day(s) On Eid-Ul-Fitr Festival?


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All the Muslims do honour this day from complete heart and soul, so do me.
I Welcome the sunrise with prayers and good wishes, then we cook some traditional dishes at home like sher khurma(I am not sure people here would be knowing about this) It is some thing made up of milk, then we recite fateha for our beloved dead ones. Then ofcourse we get ready with good clothes and groomed personality and then of to the drive for our relatives, we meet each other take eidis from them, spend good time with each other, eat special items for lunch and dinner and enjoy. Well for the children this occasion is special because of the money they receive.
Well this is how I utilize the day and believe me it's wonderful.
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Omer Butt
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OMG! Tell me how much was your Eidi this this time-LOL The answer is optional of course-Again LOL!!
I really love the Eidi part too.
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I try to wake up early in the morning in the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. Then hang around in my home...watching what my mom prepared for the Eid. Then organise my room and other rooms as well. By then my dad and my brothers take shower and get ready for the special Eid prayers. Before they get back, we girls (me and my sis) at home take shower and wear our beautiful Eid dresses and get ready. After our dad gets back, we touch his and our mom's feet and give them Salam. I collected Tk. 6100 as Eidi on this Eid!! :D Then we have sweet dishes together and then meals and then go out with out family to visit our relatives where we also get Eidis and have lots of fun!! So this is how Eid is celebrated in our place.
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My Eid-ul-Fitr begins with first taking shower, then spending a BIG TIME deciding which new clothes to wear.
Then comes meeting relatives, calling friends and greeting them. I do get Eidi(Oh No I am not revealing how much I got) when I greet my older relatives. After that comes the home part-When people-FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS come and greet us.

Then its time to go to some family members home(Usually on second and third day because on first day everyone comes here)

In between plans for going to hillstations, restaurants do make their way!

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First, we of course pray. Then sometimes my cousins come over our house or sometimes I go over theirs. And then we eat together, play together and so on.. The day passes so quickly that no body can tell =(
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Omer Butt
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Hmmm... Your cousins lives in Hongkong too? It would be fun to spend Eid for you there.
It's Private Huh
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Yep.. It's quite fun.. And we have a lot of pakistani people over here in HK. So you won't have any difficulties making pakistani friends =)
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First pray the go out with either friends or family for lunch and breakfast and go shopping
Mu133n C
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My wife and I will hang out in Sri Lanka, where there are plenty of Muslims. As we don't practice your faith, we probably won't do anything special other than greet people with "Salaam Alaikim". And to be respectful, we'll at least abstain from pork during the festival.
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We almost did plan our visa run in Malaysia, but Sri Lanka seemed logistically easier. Eid will also be tomorrow there, as well as in our current home in India. Since we fly in the early morning, we'll have plenty of time to find a quality Muslim restaurant, by dinnertime, in Colombo.

Alaikim Salaam!
Moo C.
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Can't believe it I've got an uncle in sri lanka and my great grandfather was very famous it worked for a muslim group i believe
Omer Butt
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Oooh! My sugar Travis. Really sorry-How could I forget FOOD part of EID-Phlz Enjoy "Hyderabadi Haleem, Bombay Biryani and Especially Kebabs" on Eid from my side!
P.S: Hyderabadi Haleem and Bombay Biryani are famous in Pakistan too-They along with Kebabs really make up my EID.
I am spending my EIDI(Monetary/Cash Gift on Eid by Elders) on all food stuff and gaining waist, ofcourse(Lol)-LOVE AND HUGS FOR MY TRAVIS!
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Since as a Christian I do not celebrate this festival.  I don't know what is the proper way to honor your Eid-Ul-Fitr.  I will however be thinking of you, "Life" and sending you special blessings.
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Omer Butt
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Eid-ul-Fits day starts with Prayers then giving compulsory Eid Charity to needy. Wearing new clothes, Collecting Eidi(If we are young, teens, early adults) and giving Eidi(If we are adults). EIDI is compulsory monetary/Cash Gift. Then its time to spend money, partying, greeting everyone-Friends and Family.
And ENJOYING!!!!!!
Your contribution here really gave me my Eid Gift!
Life is really giving you a Life styled Hug(Its tradition to greet each other with HUG on EID)-Just close your eyes slowly, open your arms widely and take a deep breath slowly to feel life's hug right near your heart.
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Hi life how are you I think you fine I spend this eid ul fitr festival to meet our love one's in shape of relatives, ccousins and so most of friends.
  may a very happy eid celebrations to you and your family from me.
  god with bless you remember me in your prayers.
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I enjoyed a lot but I were sad about those who couldn't make it great, oh forget it. It is a long tale.

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