Where Can I Get Free Cross Stitch Patterns Of Jesus Christ?


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I do not blame you for wanting to seek out free cross stitch patterns as they can be surprisingly expensive things considering it is meant to be a home hobby. OK so after a quick hunt around the web I have a couple of sites that may be of interest to you.

First off I recommend Faith - Make It Real ( who have three patterns in their Jesus Christ section ( alongside sections on angels, Easter, the Holy family (this is where you’ll find baby Jesus cross stitch patterns) and the rather vague "other spiritual”.

All the downloads are .pdf files so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader ( before downloading them. The downloads are free but request that instead of paying money that you perform three good deeds in the year, otherwise known as the "Pay It Forward” scheme.

As you will see the patterns available on Faith - Make It Real are quite complex and as I do not know your level of cross stitch mastery, please do not be offended if I suggest some simpler patterns as well.

If you head over to Cross Stitch 4 Free ( you’ll find a simpler pattern of Mary and Joseph looking at the baby Jesus in his cradle. Like the above site it is a .pdf file download but rather annoyingly you’ll need a password to open the files. This password is "crossstitch4free”.

You can find another cross stitch pattern over at Free Cross Stitch Pattern that depicts Jesus wearing the crown of thorns (

But for the greatest selection of free cross stitch patterns of Jesus Christ, head on over to Christian Cross Stitch ( There’s plenty of choice for all sorts of abilities, they are all free and they are all .pdf files.

I hope this helps and that you enjoy many days of happy cross stitching!
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I have one but since I don't know how to send the picture by e-mail, I would be very happy to make a copy of the picture and the thread needed and mail it to you.
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It is very difficult to find such patterns of Jesus Christ and that too free of cost. However, here is a link from where you can download such Cross stitch patterns:
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Go to this website.  Scroll down to select category.  These are free.

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