What Does The Rainbow Signify In Greek Mythology?


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Due to its attractiveness and difficult explanation the rainbow has taken place in legend. According to the Greek mythology, the rainbow was a path created by a messenger between heaven and earth.

According to Chinese Mythology, the rainbow was believed to be a slit in the sky which was sealed by Goddess Nuwa using stones of five various colors.
In the Hindu mythology the rainbow is known as the Indradhanush, which means the bow of Lord Indra who is the god of lightning and thunder. In the Norse Mythology, a rainbow is referred as the Bifrost Bridge which connects the realms of Asgard and Midgard known as the home of gods and humans, respectively. The Hebrew bible calls the rainbow a symbol of agreement between God and man.

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The goddess Iris was the mesanger of the gods in Greek mythology. In order to travel from Mt. Olympus to earth, she would use the rainbow to travel on.
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