When Did Zen Buddhism First Come To Japan?


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It is thought that Zen Buddhism first originated in China in the sixth Century AD, but did not arrive in Japan until the twelth Century.
Monks studied Zen Buddhism in China and then took it back to Japan. With the Buddhism, they also introduced both tea and the tea ceremony.
One of the monks most closely associated with this was Eisai who formed a close 'spiritual' link between the requirements of Zen to achieve enlightenment and meditation and the serenity and order of the tea ceremony.
Zen gardens also began to gain popularity around this time, as a way of finding serenity and peace with nature. However, the very disciplined and expressive 'No' drama which also stems from the Zen philosophy, derived mainly from the Zen warrior ethos.
However, Zen Buddhism is still popular in both China and Japan today, where monks still travel from around the world to study Zen in both these countries.

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