How To Make Real Magic Wands In Just 5 Minutes?


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To make a real magic wand follow the instructions on this website. Here is the link:
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You must go at midnight. You must have a good flashlight. You must walk into the center of a wood and be there at the stoke of midnight. Are you listing? You must remember these instructions. You cannot take paper with you. It makes the trees mad, you holding their friends like that. Okay. You must go on a full moon. Enter the wood from the south and walk north. You will know when you have got to the center. Speak to no one, do not talk if you meet a crone, for she is the devil. Do not talk if you see a cat, for it is a witch. Do not speak if you see a mad dog, for it is only the souls of the damned. Are you still with me? Did the crone get you? No? Good. Say to the trees around you: Magic wood do as your told make me a wand as strong as steel, make me a wand as light as air, make me wand as tough as bone. Turn three times in a circle. Close your eyes and feel about, you will know the right direction. The first stick you touch will be your wand. Take it, pick no other, and for gods sake don't let your kids play the thing unless you are their to supervise. They could burn your house down, or turn your cat into a toad. We wouldn't want that now would we?
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If we want magic in real how can we get it in 5 minutes?
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Creating a wand is very simple.  First you need a stick.  The best are ones already fallen from trees, however, if you are breaking a branch from a tree, you must first ask permission from the tree to take it.  You don't have to wait for an answer, you can take it right away but you have to ask.

And then you have a wand.  Now, you can do things to enhance the want, like anointing with oils or tying ribbons on it.  You can get more info about magic from
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That is stupid because i have done that and tryed to do spells but they didnt work.Here that,they DIDN'T work at all.Absolutly nothing happened at all.
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I don't know of anyone that has made a real magic wand, but there are several ways to make wands and you can imagine them to work.
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Pretty much all you have to do is find a piece of wood that is a little heavy but not a lot. It should be about 11-15 inches long for a good sized wand. Then just take scissors, a kitchen knife, a pocket knife or anything like that, and whittle the piece of wood until it gets into the shape of a wand. You can spray paint it. Make sure it has a handle and is not to thin (or it will break) or thick (or it will not look like a wand). If you want, you can super glue a small light to the top to make it illuminate at the tip. If this doesn't work I'm sorry but it should. Oh yes, this is how to make a wand like the ones in Harry Potter.
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I didn't really use a wand... I used poison Ivy, water, and dirt in a jug and then say one of the spells then you pour it out (you can pour it out anywhere).
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I am sorry to be the bearer of bad new but there is no such thing as a "real" magic least not in the adult world of reality.  In the children's imagination, anything is possible.  Dreams and imagination are what all the great inventions of the world began with.

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