Is Magic Real Or Fake?


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There is no one who can really tell you whether or not magic exists, only you can answer that. This question has been debated for a long time, and people still cannot come up with an answer.

There are people in the world who call themselves witches or Wiccas but they are not your traditional witches with hooked noises and warts, nor do they worship the Devil. They simply believe in the Earth, and that everyone is connected by it. They celebrate life. There are some people though who believe that they can summon the powers of the Earth to perform and cast spells but whether or not you choose to believe this is up to you.

There are things that happen out there that cannot be explained by reasoning, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you believe they have a magical explanation. What you need to do is to educate yourself about magic and what it can mean include trickery and magicians, Wiccas and even science and then you need to form your own opinion on it. Make this concrete and believe it and don't let anyone else try to sway it or change your mind.

People have a very distorted view about magic. When they hear a word, they automatically assume that these people worship the Devil and some even go as far to say that magic does exist, it is just a great form of deception.

If you think about everything that science can do nowadays, it is a very wondrous thing. However it can all be explained. Magic is just a word that is applied to something that you don't understand or something that has no immediate explanation.
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Magic has been around much longer than Halloween, so it is not a Halloween ploy as you put it.  Insofar as really being able to make things disappear, or creating things from thin air, it does not exist.  As a form of entertainment, and a way of deceiving people, it does exist.  It is the art of misdirection and tricking people into believing something is true when it's not. 
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Yes. It definitely does.
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Sadly, yes, where there is good there has to be evil. All things on the many plains must be balanced out.
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First of all, lets define this word magic. There is 3 definitons that can describe this word:
(1)the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertaininly baffeling events. Ex. Performing arts
(2)an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events. Ex. Charm,spell
(3)the use of supernatutral powers to influence or predict events. Ex. Socerery, withcraft.
The 1 thing that all of these definitions have in common would be deception, the first definition talks about people using magic to deceive your eyes of what you are seeing, compared to as an illusion.
The 2nd defintion describes magic as an object of power to influence preferably evil things or events.
The 3rd definition describes magic as being able to tap into demonic works,  being deceived by satan, and being convinced that they have received power (some call it energy)from satan, when in reality satan deceives them and  steals their power and in the end destroys them with it.
So inconclusion I believe that magic is undoubtely very real and that it is a great form of deception.  
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Your question is still ambiguous. What is this real magic you speak of? Do you mean fantastic magic such as telepathy or sheer force mustered with a blink of an eye? Well, despite your true intents, paranormal activities relative to magic cease to exist but is a nothing more than a mere superstition. Everything has a logical explanation and the explanation for magic is illusion. The human mind perceives what is eye witnesses. People use this to their advantage and deceive open-minded humans into incredulous thoughts. Chimerical beliefs is the product of their trickery.
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Yes! It is so real at least I want to believe. I think there is magic if you believe. I study wizardology and a lot more. I do believe. You don't have to if you don't want to. I actually don't know. But all I know is that I believe.
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There is some magic like they do stuff to make you love someone, make the family or friends fight stuff like that. But making stuff fly...... No way
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Well there is great controversy regarding weather or not magic actually exists. These arguments generally emanate from the fact that science has found it hard to explain or prove magic. However magic has been seen referred to and either promoted or prohibited in Pagan Religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

All most all over the world it can be seen referred to in literature and its practices codified and procedures elaborated. It is important to note that all three of the major monotheist religions consider it a grave sin for a person to indulge in magic. Referring to eastern books and studying the mantras that are part of Hindu belief, studying the practices of the southern and eastern parts of Africa and practices that are part of traditional aboriginal, Mayan, Egyptian and Kabala are definitely steps in the right (wrong) direction.
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I think everybody would like magic to be real. Not just in the "Sleight of hand" card trick rubbish, the deception part..sure it's "magic" until the person slips up or gives away the trick. If magic were real, you would think after all this time that people have wondered if it was real, that there would be some evidence to it being real.
I suppose the nearest thing to "magic" we're ever going to get is the sun.. It's not exactly normal, a huge everlasting inferno, that lights our entire galaxy.
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It's just illusions. There isn't anything more to it than that. If you could learn a magicians tricks you would know that it isn't real. Hope this helps friend.
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I like to think that magic is real but I know deep in my heart that it is not.  To life more enjoyable and bearable.  But then there are things that can not be explained, then you get this little spark of hope that maybe, just maybe there is magic after all.  But people like Chris Angel that is just illusion and they want you to believe that they can do magic but you know it is not.
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Magic fake or real? Everyone of course would like to believe that magic is real for there own purpose. But I wish it was real so there is more to life, and maybe I would be able to perform magic myself and destroy my enemies and unlock the secrets of the world. But in reality it is not, but there are the secrets of the world and may be magic is just one of millions of secrets to discover!
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Okay. Magic comes in a variety of ways and science can't always predict everything, (sorry to sounds so negative towards the previous answer) but there is the magic of nature (which is the ability of nature and its wonderous abilities, eg- ever changing weather, un predicatable storms, etc)
I don't believe in the magic of love, because there will never be a PERFECT match.... Etc...
Anyway, just thought id throw in my answer...
(The magic of technology, <^^>)
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Magic, exists. Magic or sleight of hand and illusion are real, I am sure you have experienced both. Also Magick is real, as people believe in it's use and ability to effect their lives. I have practiced Magick at different times in my life and do believe that it can be effective. However I have not decided wether it is the magick or me causing the effect. Either way it is effective and does work...with practice mind you.
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Sleight of hand and illusions are deceptions. They are designed to make us believe we are seeing something that we do not. Therefore, magic is not real. Even the great Houdini performed through trickery.
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Magic powers come from evil powers. Whether black or white magic it is still evil. There is a Holy & Good Power that is available. Would you like to know more?
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I don't think it is real, just illusions. I like to believe its real though, to make life seem more of a laugh!
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I think it is real because you see things that can't be explained. But then there is everyday life magic which I don't believe in. Such as when someone says something is magical!
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There is some magic like they do stuff to make you love someone, make the family or friends fight stuff like that. But making stuff fly...... No way
hasoon crazy Profile
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There is some magic like they do stuff to make you love someone, make the family or friends fight stuff like that. But making stuff fly...... No way
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Well no duh magic is real! There are just some things that happen and cannot be explained and there is usually someone around it who is acting suspicious!
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Well I say yes but some people think not but if you belive in it then its real for you but don't tell anyone you don't trust because they might make fun of you.
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My faith in black magic being real is very low. Isislee101 please give me a small spell to change this view of mine? Maybe a harmless spell so that incase it is real nothing goes bad :)
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Well, I don't know for sure but I think magic is real!!! Magicions always have some trick behind the "magic trick" and it is not real. Have you ever heard of Merlin? Well, if you have not, do research on him! He is a wizard! And I bet you have heard of witchcraft but not really wizardry. So think about all of that. I don't know for sure, but I do think magic is real. Oh yea, and in Harry Potter, they just use computer effects to bring the magic to life but I am just the biggest Harry Potter fan!!!
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Well my friend I will tell the there are two type of magic the one you must always know the differ from show people will know what you are talking about the first one is a stage magician not to be no where near compared to magick spell with a k hints Alister Crowley spelling of it to tell the differ from stage.Which one are you talking about because there are a big differ one is spiritual and the other is Illusions I hope this was helpful if need more info just get me a pm
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I'm only 9 years old but me and my friend do magic not tricks but spells I study light magic and do it  but my friend studies black magic and voodoo we do spells allot and the actually work
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Magic or Magick is not fake. Some people are too quick to dismiss it as fake. Some too quick to say its real. Its not like harry potter, when you can just say "Oh! I have magic powers! Hex. Curse. Kill. Kill. Curse. Hex. Levitate. Fireball!" You have to practice a lot. If you would like some place to learn some real magick and read about other people, or if you need some more convincing, just go here:
How else would you explain things that happen or reportings of magickal beings such as gryphons flying around the sky. Or things that happen to you such as you looking at a stack of cards and they flying away or your door slamming shut, or a feeling that you are being watched.

Do not try spells at first glance. First learn the basics:

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