Where Do Dreams Come From?


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There are several questions that people tend to ask about dreams. For instance, why do we dream and where do dreams come from? Your dreams tell you about your present state of awareness, this is why we dream. Dreams come from an inner place we call the subconscious mind and are presented to you in images which, when interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind, become personally relevant to you and your life. The meaning of these nighttime messages can literally change your life.

When studying dreams and learning to interpret them, you need to know the two universal principles which apply to everyone, everywhere, at all times. The first of these principles is that every dream is about the dreamer. The second principle is that every person, place and thing in the dream is the dreamer. We as human beings are very multi-faceted. A great majority of us are only aware of a small part of who we are. You can learn to expand your awareness of yourself by learning to interpret your dreams.

People in your dreams represent aspects of yourself. An aspect can be defined as a certain way in which you think and express. When you are dreaming of someone of the same sex [for example a woman is dreaming of another woman] this person symbolizes an aspect of your conscious mind. These are the ways in which you express yourself while awake. A person of the opposite sex symbolizes an aspect of your inner Self. The way to identify these aspects is to imagine yourself describing them to someone else. Here is an example: You are dreaming about a co-worker of the same sex. In your daily life you perceive this acquaintance as being compassionate, generous, and strong. These are the qualities of self (your Self) which are being addressed in the dream. You might not use these qualities to describe yourself, yet they are being brought out in your dream because your subconscious mind wants you to see that they are a part of your character. This is one way dreams expand our awareness -- we learn that we possess qualities we may not have known we had.

A question often asked is, "Why do we dream?" Some theories state that dreams are a way in which we release stress. If this were true, then more people (especially those who are stressed-out) would remember their dreams. Remember that dreams come from the inner you, more specifically they are communications from your subconscious mind. All day long we are busy moving through our waking lives, taking in sensations from all around ourselves. During our nighttime slumber our conscious mind is stilled, providing us with the opportunity to receive communication from our subconscious mind.

You might ask, "Why is it so important that we receive information from our subconscious mind?" Our subconscious mind holds all of our understandings which we have gained either through this lifetime  It has messages to share with the outer self that are rich with knowledge and wisdom. Our inner mind is our best friend, revealing to us the truth of our present state of thinking and expression.
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There is no conclusive evidence to support the idea that dreams mean anything other than your brain is alive and had a busy day.
Maybe someday someone will find a way to correlate dreams to something but the best research now says dreams are just junk as described by Shifty37.
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Dreams come from a part of sleep called REM sleep, and they are caused by activity in a certain part of the brain. There are many theories as to the meaning of dreams. Some say that dreams are the subconscious minds way of dealing with things that our concscious mind can't deal with. Freud says they are unconcsious sexual desires from childhood, that are expressed in metaphors. However they are probably just the result of the brain bringing up random memories and trying to connect them together into some sort of order, hence the weird, but sometimes apparently meaningful dreams.
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Your dreams are random thing that YOU think about during the and the are saved (so to speak) and are stored in your subconscious mind and are showed to you in your dreams! Hope I helped!
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Before you go to sleep, set your mind on something (for example your dog Alexander) Close your eyes. Your dreams will begin with Alexander then your brain will do the rest.
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Dreams come from your imagination. Sometimes it comes from something you've seen or heard. Some dreams are nice or weird depending on your mood. I'm not a pro at this but that's what I think.
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Dream is a state of our mind when our body is at rest. If we think about some thing knowingly or unknowingly very strongly that becomes a dream i.e; your brain keeps thinking on it even you are at rest. If you dream that states that you are not completely at rest. So try not to think too much and give your mind some rest.                             don't think too much to avoid dreams.

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