What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Dying?


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Dreams of death are very common and can be interpreted in countless ways. Without more information, it's difficult to say exactly what your dream might have meant.

Even though your dream may have been of someone close to you dying or being killed, such as your father, this will not be a forecast of events to come. Instead, it may outline your concerns that you are not paternal enough with your own children, or it could be symbolising an overwhelming desire to detach your life from your father’s.

While you contemplate what the dream consists of, you also need to think about any parallels that can be established with your life at the moment, and the hopes and fears that you are currently battling with.

Mortality and Death Dreams

Another interpretation of these vivid dreams could be a realisation that everyone on this earth will die at some point. Yes, it’s incredibly difficult to accept that none of us are immortal, but taking the bold step to get in touch with your spirituality can stop these disturbing dreams and improve the quality of your sleep. The better your rest time (which is recommended to be between six and eight hours a day), the more you’ll be able to make the most of every day you have to live.

Guilt and Death Dreams

If you have done something that you aren’t proud of, have dark traits or feel unsuccessful, death can relate to all of these feelings. You may want the more malicious aspects of your personality to die away, hence explaining the context of your dream.
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It can just mean that you are afraid to lose this person , that you don't want them out of your life. This can also show that you feel you are not as close to the person as you would like to be. Also , if you are thinking about this person a lot, you are going to have a deep feeling for them.
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There are many different ways to interpret dreams, I suggest going to your local library and finding some books on the subject because there are many different schools of thought. Someone dying in your dream, particularly someone you are close with, could be interpreted as your fear of losing somebody.

Either you or they are slowly slipping away, and you (or part of you) feels that you are losing your relationship with that person.

Freud speculated that we ourselves play each role in our dreams - an interesting theory which makes some sense, because our dream projections of people we know use mimicked actions and speech patterns, but ultimately our subconscious is what is driving them to speak and act. So going by that logic, it is not your friend that is dying in the dream, it is you. Or perhaps the part of you that is reflected in/through your friend.
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Thankfully, most of these dreams never come true! Some people can preminate. (Predict the future) These people are far and few. Usually this is a deep seated wish for whatever reason, maybe a resentment, or even jealousy. Unless you have a history of these things coming true, I wouldn't dwell on it. And if you do have a history of it, I would consider a research clinic for E.S.P. Testing. That may be helpful in trying to understand why some people can do this. Hope this helps you.
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I had a dream about my sister dying and I didn't want it to come true. I think that when you have a dream about someone dying that someone will die who is close to you.

I also think that when you dream about someone dying that it shows how much you miss them and love them. My sister and I have been apart for almost two months and I miss her and want to see her. To me, dreams mean things but we don't know what they mean just yet.
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I had a dream last night about this person I think about now and then that was in my life for a short time.. It was so real we both told each other that we liked one another :s

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It means that you had a bad dream and probably something you watched on tv mixed with real people in your life in your head while while you are sleeping.
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My boyfriend dreamed last night that I died in a house fire. So I checked this morning, and I do believe it means there is going to be a rebirth because I am pregnant.
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It could honestly mean anything.

It could mean it will happen, and then again it might be just a dream. I am not going to write this big long answer because the possibilities of what it mean could be endless, but I do know of an example that might help.

You may have already heard of this before, but I learned in class one day that Abraham Lincoln's wife had a dream (I think a couple of nights before he died) and she tried to convince him to not go to the theater where he was killed by J.W.B. But he went anyway not listening to her and he did die.

So if you need advice maybe if you try to prevent what was going to happen in your dream, like stopping that person from going to the place where they got killed it will help. I hope this is helpful!
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I'm 14 years old, and a few times I  have had a dream of a family member dying, twice it was my dad. This upset me deeply and I didn't understand! But my dad does say that he doesn't think he will live to be elderly, he thinks he will die middle-aged. And he is middle-aged now and I'm scared that one of my dreams will come true. I don't understand this, and I don't know if any of this will come true! Hopefully not. X
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Well when I dream my dreams are visions. My mother had them and I have them. And every vision that she had came true and every one that I have had has come true.
And this is also weird - my mother had a perfect 3 on her left leg and I have a perfect 3 on my left leg and now my oldest daughter has it on her leg. My mother was born in May and the day was Friday the 13th. I heard a long time ago that when you were born in the month of May some babies had a CAUL over there faces (a veil) and my mother had that.

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