I Got A Cut On My Palm That Crosses Several Palm Lines, Will That Effect My Future?


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martha answered
no- your palm is just flesh and does not have one thing to do with your life-  think about those who have no hands- what would they do?  palm reading is a bunch of bunk and from the devil
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mike carlsen answered
Yes. It means there will be discomfort lifting or grabbing things with that hand till the cut heals ;) that's the only way it affects your future. You'll be fine ;)
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Janet Simmons answered
Personally, I don't believe in "Fortune telling".  Your future is up to you.  Only you can put forth the effort to make it a good one.  A cut on your hand crossing the "palm lines" does not effect your future, it may leave a scar, but that's about it.  Hope this helps, but it is only my opinion.  Good Luck!!  Janes
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It doesn't mean a thing, they can tell the difference between the lines, and a scar. Hope this helps, good luck.
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This means nothing because your hand has nothing to do with what will happen in your life.
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No, I don't believe in that. In My perspective; If you think "oooh I have a cut palm, I'm going to have 12 kids", then you will because you believe in it. SO no, it's ALL up to you and ALL your choice. You see if we all based our lives on what we think is supposed to happen then we would be forcing ourselves to do things. You see? Good luck and live your life how YOU want it, not how your fortune teller does.
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Vatsal Agarwal answered
No it won't effect your future.
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Newlines have formed on my hand and I'm not sure what they mean cold any body help me please ??

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