Can I Read The Lines Of My Own Palm ? Can It Really Tell Me My Future ?


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Palmistry is the study of the shape of the palm and the lines running within it and their subsequent interpretation with respect to a person's character and life, both past and present.

Now you can read the lines of your own palm if you know what and how the shapes or curves are interpreted in palmistry. Each line has some significance as do the different mounds (raised areas on your plam). For example the line which begins at the base of your thumb and runs along in a curved fashion to the end of your palm is supposed to be your life line.

As far as the question of whether or not it can fortell your future, well that depends on what you want to believe. Some people take palmistry, astrology very seriously and are convinced that their future will run on what is dictated by their stars and lines. The truth of these inferences has been a matter of debate for years on end.

On a personal level I do not. I would rather have my deeds, actions, thoughts and work shape my future.
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Thank you for teaching me this I alwas wonder how, because my friends heard about plam reading. Thank you again and good-bye:)
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I have few lines in my palm and just three lines are prominent  the lifeline ,the health-line and the brain line what is it mean by?
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The lines on my palm on my right hand form a small star right near the middle of my palm. Those it mean anything devilish or good??

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