What Saint Helps With Marriage?


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That would be St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes!  :-)
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St. Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is one of the saints considered a patroness of marriage and particularly of married women.  

St. Joseph, Mary's husband, is considered the patron of marriage and particularly of married men.

There are other saints who are considered patrons of marriage or of family life, but St. Anne and St. Joseph are the ones most people think of right away.

These links might interest you -- they mention different contexts of marriage and different saints in each context:

Patron Saints of Family Life married couples, engaged couples, betrothed couples, lovers, happy marriages
(for example, St. Valentine is the patron of happy marriages)

Patron Saints via Catholic.Org marriage, unhappy marriage, married women
(a list by topic, plus explanation of how patrons are chosen)

St. Gengulf, patron of unhappy / unfaithful marriages
    Gengulf @ Patron Saints Index     Gengulf @ Butler's Lives of the Saints     Gengulf images (scroll down past churches)
You can, of course, choose your own patron saint at your confirmation, or a saint who shares the name your parents gave you, or a special interest of yours.

Hope this answers your question, best wishes --

-- Ankhorite

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