What Role Did Religion Play In The Settlement Of North America By Europeans?


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That was a KEY reason the Euro's wanted out of Primarily England at the time was for Freedom of Religion, and to live as free men out from under the tyrannical rule of George the 3rd. They were taxed but they didn't receive any services back for their tax money that the tax collector came to get to give to the King, they were escaping to gain freedom for themselves, but yet they ended up enslaving people..?? Well, it wasn't the average Joe who were the Slave keeper's 75% of Americans did not have Any Slaves, 1% of the Slave Keeper's had 200 or more Slaves. Typically, it was moneyed interest's who came to the Colonies bought huge tracts of land, then passed down their wealth, and Slave holding traditions to the next generation, slave keeping was often generational. Despite their new found freedom in the colonies they really didn't know how to protect their freedom, and Democracy so the moneyed interest's ran roughshod over the masses.

To me, it feels like (as a 49 year old white man) that these same attitudes permeate the Republican's in Congress with their hateful anti-Obama rhetoric, and  their minions listen to that stuff and believe what they are being told by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dick Cheney, and that FoxNEWS channel Kabal of liars & thieves. I hope you are not a Republican! I have been a Democrat for 23 years I became once I realized that all that party cares about are tax cuts for the rich, and military spending, Lots of it.

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