If Adam And Eve And Their Two Sons Were The Only People On Earth At The Time Where Did The People That Cain Built His City For Come From And Where Did His Wife Come From?


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I think you need to study your Bible more closely as that is all explained. Granted, there are some passages in the Bible that seem to conflict, but you are supposed to take it on faith.
Remember, the people that were quoted and wrote the Bible lived many, many years ago and did not have a very good sense of the world itself or events that occurred and they witnessed. You can only write or relate to someone else in terms of your own understanding.
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every church i went to stressed the fact that there were only two people adam and eve then their children cain and able. so whos wrong real people or the church itself
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Adam and Eve were the only persons on earth,and when they produced children they married each other.. Caine's wife was one of his sisters. Genesis 4:11-17" And now you are cursed in banishment from the ground that has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. Afterward Cain had sexual relations. With his wife,and she became pregnant and gave borthodox to Enoch."
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The bible is not supposed to be history. Every culture has a creation story and most people understand it as just that: A story. It is a way of explaining the world, but the people who originally wrote these legends didn't expect that they would be taken as literal truth though as with all legends you can find historical events mentioned too.
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the church expects you to take it as literal word every bit. so whos wrong the people or the church
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Taken literally? A couple of mathematicians studied the book and found that the big band would've happened in around 4,800 BC. People have been around since before then, now how can that be
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I answered this very question before nad if people read their Bible they would know what it says. In Genesis it states God created male female and called them Adam. He then chose one Adam to teach. When that Adam couldn't find a suitable mate he then made Eve. Think how could Cain go off and marry someone from another land if they were the only ones on earth. So now you know every church doesn't teach that nonsense.
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This is just a parable. Nothing in the bible is real. They are just made up stories for people to find their own meaning in. Read a real book
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In the Bible it states God made man[male and female] and named them Adam. He then chose one Adam and decided to teach him. When adam could not find a suitable mate God made him one that was Eve.Ioften wondered this myself until I read it in Genisis Ch.5:1-2. Their it lets you know God made more than one being.
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Every church i went to stressed the fact that there were only two people and eve then their children and able. So what's wrong real people or the church itself...... The church is wrong and it goes o show just how uneducated the people leading the church are. Maybe they need to read their Bibles again and pull out the history books and most importantly pray.Also the Bible does not contradict itself. Each book of the Bible relates to a specific time, group of people and events. People read one verse and never read more to find out whats going on or why what was said was said in the first place.
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It was a long time before this was done, and by then there were other people here on the earth.
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I believe the bible as long as its translated correctly. Fact: Look at how many bibles exist on the earth today. I look to the KJV of the bible but I can't take litteral meaning to every story. I'm sure even that one is corrupt in a sense. Make Sense?
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Adam and Eve had more than two children. For Genesis 5:4 says: “And the days of Adam after his fathering Seth came to be eight hundred years. Meanwhile he became father to sons and daughters.” This meant that Cain and Abel had sisters, and possibly other brothers not listed by name. These grew up together as earth’s original family.

Cain’s wife was a descendant of Eve born on an unknown date. He later went into banishment in “the land of Fugitiveness to the east of Eden,” taking with him his wife. (Genesis 4:6,7) Following the birth of his son Enoch, Cain “engaged in building a city,” naming it for his son. Such city may have been but a fortified village by present standards, and the record does not state when it was completed. His descendants are listed in part and include men who distinguished themselves in nomadic stock raising, the playing of musical instruments, and the forging of metal tools as well as those who were known for their practice of polygamy and their violence. (Genesis 4:17-24) Cain’s line ended with the global Flood of Noah’s day.

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So I think rather they had daughters or they did it with monkeys or they did it with there mom

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