How did God come about?  I was asked to rephrase for clarity.  Our God that created the earth and everything on it.  How did He come to exist, His beginning.


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Difficult. Could you rephrase? Are you asking why humanity invented/needed a god, or how/when  the first deity "appeared"? We need more substance in the question, I think.

Since you have now rephrased the question, I will add my contribution. The "universe we know" and all that is in it, is difficult to understand and explain given the sum of human knowledge. It IS easy to explain (and lazy) if you postulate the existence of a supreme being to create it.

Mankind has been fearful of death as soon as he realized that it comes to us all, unerringly. Don't like the idea of death? Invent an afterlife. To make that easier, invent a deity too.

I'm not denying the existence of a god, I'm not anything like as infallible as (s)he is. But religion, in most of its forms, is a result of intellectual laziness.

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Our god?

An oft asked question that is usually intended to show the ridiculousness of many theist positions.

Such as the nothing comes from nothing argument. Since god is technically something then how is it that he has always existed?

And so on.

Since the probability of god(s) are vanishingly small I do not worry myself about such trivialities and I stay in the real world that has wonder enough for me.

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I guess that's the big dilemma that religion tries to solve: Where did all this come from?

As humans, we only have a fairly limited knowledge of the universe, its history, and how everything began.

We have theories and theology that attempts to provide reassurance and answers, but this is a good example of an unanswerable question.

According to religion, God simply "always was". And not in the sense that he was born and has been living for ever, his existence is meant to transcend things like physical form, birth, visibility.

Even scientifically, that makes perfect sense. There are plenty of things that exist but we can't see. UV rays from the sun for example.

Perhaps God (or the belief in God) is some sort of biochemical energy that has quantifiable effects on the physical world around us?

According to science though, he never was. He's just an explanation used to absorb all the questions we have yet to answer about the world around us: Where do people go when they're dead? How did we end up on Earth? Why does flooding happen?

Science hasn't got all the answers either though. For example, we're told that we live in an infinite and ever-expanding universe. But by definition, if it's expanding, it must be growing into something larger, no?

And what lies beyond the boundaries of the universe?

It seems like only a few years ago, we were ruling the likelihood of finding other lifeforms as pretty remote.

Now, reports say that up to 20% of stars in our universe could have planets with a similar size and temperature to Earth's. (source:

Anyway, my answer is that if you believe in God, then the question isn't how he came to be - it is "how do you wrap your head around the idea that he has always been here - wherever "here" may be?"

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" But by definition, if it's expanding, it must be growing into something larger, no? "

No. I suggest you brush up on relativity theory and what space/time is.

" According to science though, he never was "

Science does not address this issue. Scientists may. Not even a subtle difference.

" Science hasn't got all the answers either though "

Religion doesn't have any of the answers.

" It seems like only a few years ago, we were ruling the likelihood of finding other lifeforms as pretty remote. "

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How did God come about? I have read some of the answers from contributers who do not believe ib a God. They are completly free to have their ideas and thoughts and to express them. However on the subject of Gos I must disagree. The idea that all we see in the universe "just happened"  with no one creating it takes as much faith to believe as it does to believe in a God who created it.

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" I have heard the answer you gave a million times, "

Obviously not or you would not make the same fallacies over and over again.

" however i have enough intelligence to know that something does not come from nothing "

Apparently you do not as modern quantum mechanics seems to be beyond your ken.

" There by deffinition has to be a first cause. "

No. Even if it were so magic man need not be that first cause.

" there is nothing in your rant that disproves God's existance.(sic) "

We do not prove negatives, You must provide positive evidence for this god. I think we know who is ranting here.

I am not here to change your " mind " as I think you have a quite ossified brain holding a very small mind.

It is the fence sitter that I address. Someone not quite sure of what to accept as true. Seeing your nonsense held up in sharp relief may save someone from the slavery you endure to get the nothing promised you at the end of your life.
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I see you make good use of your Thesaurus. Who's a big boy? You expertise on quantum mechanics is at best very limited or you would not spout things about which you really have no understanding. You keep saying the same things over and over as if by repitition you will make your unsubstantiated claims facts. Do you think you are impressing anyone? I feel sorry for anyone who believes what they hear just because they admire the person saying it. Oh and by the way recheck you little science book because it is well known by anyone that knows the subject that sub atomic particles do "pop in and out" of existance all the time in space.
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" You keep saying the same things over and over "

That is a laugh!!

We are quite through here delusional-oid.

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