What Are The Bad Effects Of Technology On Christianity?


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Let God be God and let science be science. God created mankind with the instinct to search and learn; to explore and discover; to investigate and understand. People will continue to follow their inherent instinct for knowledge, and in the process comprehend a little of God's mighty creation and exalt His name.

The dimensions of the universe are beyond human experience and can only be described in mathematical formulas. The largest galaxy of our local group of stars, the Andromeda Spiral is 2,000,000 light years away, and there may be 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars like our sun, within the known universe. The growth in knowledge (science and technology) makes people think new thoughts about mankind's place in the universe, and about the existence of God.
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Technology unravels the myths and stories the religion is based on.
It is not meant as a dig at the core beliefs of being good to thy neighbor, but it replaces the need for explanation that were part of the reason for the religions' creation in the first place.

Religion is very self glorifying, from being created in the image of God to having the sun revolve around the earth.... Oh wait technology (along with common sense) proved that actually it is the earth that revolves around the sun.... As I recall that technological advancement was forged only with the horrible deaths of many scientists.

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