What Is The Difference Between Zoroastrianism And Christianity?


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Aside from the obvious absence of the 'Son of God' Christ figure, which is peculiar to Christianity, the principal difference is that in Zoroastrianism, you are required to actively participate in your own salvation by doing good deeds. In that respect, it is morally superior to Christianity, where you can do any appalling thing that takes your fancy, and you will magically be Saved by Jesus.
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Since you reveal yourself as an ANTI-CHRIST does that mean that your opinion is that Jesus is the son of SATAN?
Stewart Pinkerton
Typical BS from you, as I am not 'anti Christ' at all, I simply agree with the Muslims that he was just another prophet. The Apostles were the ones who stole his body to boost their cult.
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Zoroaster: There is the Truth (Ahrua Mazda) and the Lie (Drug).Christianity: Good and Evil.
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Hi, Chrisitians worship in Church but Zoroastrianism worship fire in Temples. They have a Prophet named Ahuramazda or (Ormazd),who grew 5000 ago, and has book called (Avesta). They're minorities and bigoted, most of Zoroastrians r living in Iran, Pakistan, India, Usa and Canada. They're honor for us.
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Luke 6:20 ''Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of God.
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I don't know the difference between either of the two of them. I only know that All gods are good and forgiving.

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