I'm Going Through Many Situations Which I Feel Like I've Lived Before. What Do You Say?


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Well deja vu! Have you ever discussed this subject before? If you and your friends have talked bout it then you probably just remembered self consciously... Does that help?
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But it's not just for that situation! There are many many other situations! I just feel like I lived this whole life before! Like when you watch a movie and then rewatch it and then rewatch it and then when you watch it again you'll know what'll happen before it happens..
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Been there, done that, many times. What goes around, comes around. History repeats itself. Reincarnation ? The Soul ?
Definatly something, that is certain.
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I have experienced this feeling also. It is a mysterious and strange thing DEJA VU . I really just accept it and what more can you do when you can not explain or prove something is tangible.
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Deja Vu certainly makes you think you have been there before. Usually it is the result of your mind racing ahead of the situation and already perceiving certain conclusion which makes you feel like you have experienced it before.  Do you really think in another lifetime you would have studied the same English lessons as you would in 2008.  Probably not.  Psycologist  theorize that when something takes us out of our known realm of understanding or makes us see things in a different way, we get this feeling of Deja Vu.  Sometimes when you look at a full moon on a clear night you get this feeling.  That is the realization of being a tiny, vunerable person on a tiny planet looking into infinity.  I think most Deja Vu experiences are a trick of your mind.  Now do I believe in reincarnation?  Yes!  There are many things in our dreams and just plain in our intuition that cannot be explained by science or logic.  Have your heard the 16 year old singing sensation from the Phillipines named Charice? I am not sure of her name but you can find her on YouTube.  Her talent is remarkable which might have  a reasonable explanation but her styling and her phrasing are that of someone who has had many years of musical study and many years of performance honed experience.  I have known other musicians whose abilities cannot be explained without the thought that they learned it in another lifetime.
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That happens to me a lot with the things I dream about. I dreamed once of cutting my hair short and thought to myself that will never happen. Then one day I was cutting my hair and remembered the dream... I was standing in front of the same medicine cabinet I saw in the dream kinda weird how I knew I would be there cutting my hair the year before. Maybe the dream was a warning that I should have taken seriously.
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It happens to all of us at one time or another. It's so strange that you could almost predict what will happen next. Sometimes the repeat seems more difficult and you ask yourself, "What did I do right the first time?"  Some say that events keep repeating until we are able to correct something that you missed. Have you watched Groundhog Day? That's what happened to him.
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Premonition is what it sounds like. I get those all of the time. Of course, they come in the form of a dream -- it can seem completely odd, and the dream could have occurred three or four years ago, but it happens. You could even forget about the dream entirely until that one instance occurs -- like the others said, it'll feel like deja vu. Anyway, that's how I see it. I've gone through that more times than I can count my entire life. Life is cruel by playing mind games, but it's so much fun, isn't it?!
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Oh my god!! You are not alone dude.. I've also been through it. The same scenes, the same words, etc. I never thought there might be someone else going through this also. I tried discussing this with my friend but they get the other way round or just don't get what I mean =( lolx
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Yes it is natural. I also suffer that type of situations many times. So don't worry and don't think about that and take it easy and a part of life
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Memories of a past life can come in the most inopportune times. I often feel like I drowned once before, and another time, I felt that I owned a great mansion in the south in an unfortunate time. It is natural to feel this way.
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THAts the kind of feeling i get i feel as if i have experience i have not achieved or earned in this life time yet seem to already know so much about
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yeah that always happens to me its dejavu there are different views on it like some say it is that it's a dream you've had and didnt remember . Or this happended in a past life or somethin similar so your familiar with it . !
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Okay I have read all the replies,experiencing the same deja vu feelings as if I have lived my entire life before and exactly the same manner kinda crazy.I think these powers beyond our understanding maybe its a show that we are were we should be in our life's I really don't no.for some one that has dream t of the ending more than once its a thought I wouldn't like to be confirmed,,life is life live it questioning things like this is useless well never know the answers they will all just be theory's.well god bless peeps.sanele from SA hope to see URL 2010 world cup

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