Did The Phoenix Actually Exist?


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The phoenix was a bird which only existed in Greek legend. It was reputed to have shimmering feathers of gold and dazzling colours. It was, according to legend, a bird with a life span of exactly 500 years. However, when it came to the end of its life, a phoenix would burn itself upon a fire and from the ashes,a new bird would appear.
This story meant that the phoenix came to symbolise immortality and renewal, as well as re-birth.
When the 'new' phoenix had emerged from the fire it would then fly with its father to the altar of the Sun God, which was in the Egyptian city of the sun. This was named Heliopolis by the Greeks.
Today someone who has gone through a very difficult time, but who either re-invents themselves or succeeds after the bad times, is said to have 'risen like a phoenix from the ashes'.

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