Do Pixies Exist?


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Yep and with lots of testing pixieoligysts have finally encountered a living pixie. Turns out, pixies are tiny specks in the air and you could mistake them for flecks of dust. Thats why many people don't believe in them. Usually there motto is "Seeing is Believing."
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If a God turns people in to pixies for not believing, how can one say that this god person is so loving and worthy worshipping...
That's the most ridiculous thing next to the Xtianity itself!

The pixie is a symbolic thoughtform, a conceptual image to describe a sort of people and their behaviour.
That means pixies are among us in day to day life, among us...
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Of course they do. Try leaving out milk and cookies for them -- if you dare. :-)
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Pixies are real LIVE WITH IT!!!!
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I believe they exist and I am writing a research paper on fairies existence which I also believe exist.
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Of course they do! Ha. HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK THAT THEM BAD BOYS EXIST?! I met one called Petra and they took me away to the hospital...I don't think that the cause of this was drugs...But who cares?! I know what I saw!!!
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The existence of Pixies is only a myth. They are considered as mischievous, small sized people with pointed ears and pointed eyes. They are dressed in green with a pointed hat. The origin of the myth is that there was a kind of people who were not good enough for Heaven and neither were they bad enough for Hell so God chose to let them remain on Earth forever. They are also believed to be people who resisted Christianity and God made them grow smaller until they accepted it.
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I do believe in fairies, pixies.... And it has NOTHING to do with Christ . It is a population that needs our help.
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Pixies dont all wear green only the leaf and tree pixies

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