How Can I Organize A Church Family And Friends Day?


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Organising a family and friends day at your local church is a good way to bring everyone together, building up a sense of community. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you have a successful family and friends day, making the most of an opportunity to share your faith with the people closest to you.

As soon as you have a date set for the event, start inviting people. The more notice you give, the more guests are likely to be able to attend as there will still be time to rearrange any plans or to schedule in this event. Make your invitations bright and interesting, and don’t put too much information on your pamphlets. If you have a smaller venue with a capacity limit, make sure you stress the importance of RSVP-ing, as the last thing you want is for too many people to show up and having to turn them away. It’s good to invite people personally too, so hand out invitations after a sermon at the church or deliver them through letterboxes.

Encourage people to volunteer and help out, too. When organising an event like this, it’s really useful to have as many hands on deck as possible, but make sure that everyone has a task. Someone wondering around aimlessly can be far more of a hindrance than a help. If you’re providing activities, be certain that it is all organised correctly for the right day, and that you have an alternative should there be a last minute drop-out.

Lastly, be prepared for all weather conditions. If you want to host some of it outside and the weather is unpredictable, have some sort of shelter ready. Most importantly, when the event comes, make sure you enjoy it too and don’t let any stress of organising it get in the way of your day.
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I would invite friends to my home and ask a pastor to have a small service while we all are together. Of course I would make sure that there would be enough food and drinks. I would also take care that  a few little games like scrabble  or other board games would be available. But it would be also very nice if among the friends there would be one who would agree to take the role of pastor for this specific ocassion. That would be great!

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