What Astrology Sign Cheats The Most?


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Astrology doesn't work that way.

It does indeed "work" and it doesn't need a "scientific basis' for it to be real or for us to experience it. "Real astrology" includes a number of planets and points that symbolize a persons life, psyche and experiences. Symbolize but not cause.

Just like you can't say "all new yorkers only eat pizza" you can't say "all virgos cheat" it's absurd.

Sun sign astrology is a gimmick invented to sell newspapers and skeptics are quite right in criticizing it. Unfortunately most debunkers are as uneducated and emotionally biased as those credulous people they seem to love to hate.

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There is no scientific basis for astrology! It's like believing in the tooth fairy! GROW UP!
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Capricorn is the worst.. Libra is next bigist cheater.then comes -virgo is another cheater of all time. Then there's sagittarius coming at 4th place.. There they are the worst cheaters of all time ....

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