Is there a possibility to draw an analogy between cancer (disease) and the astrological sign "cancer"?


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Doubtful because the astrological cancer sign is a crab.

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Ancient Hippy
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Moving red dust on the toilet seat.
Dur Duric
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Cancer and crab are synonyms in my native language. And the astrological sign looks exactly like a crab. So where is the problem? I am being serious.
Ancient Hippy
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One is a disease and one is an animal. I don't see how an analogy could be drawn between the two.
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That sounds . . . Very odd.

Then one would be inclined as to draw a reference to all the other signs to follow suit . . . Not sure the majority of Twins are born in First part of June under Gemini . . .

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You can draw analogies between anything you want.
Doesn't mean it's accurate or sensible.


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