The Only Thing People Are Interested In Today Is Earning Money, Do You Agree, Why Yes Or Not?


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As today's world is materialistic that's why people need money but do not think that money is everything in life.  Money only  fulfills our needs and wishes. We can not buy happiness , friendship , and other relationships from money.Every people are fair to get money to make his and his family life morden and beautiful in the world. So, by this purpose people do not give  much time to their family ,friends and etc. Money changes every persons life. For earning money people do every thing whether( bad or good) So, I think in today's world money is not very much important as compare to people which are joined with our life..
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No,do not agree with this. All is about money but when you think about this a little bit deeper ,then you should ask what is money for? Then you should know money is just money . It is important to us but it is not everything.
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money is very important for our life.  but we can't buy happiness and realy friends.  Nowadays most of peple spend his time ti erarning more money, it's very bed.. Because the famili and friends is much more important..  it's good to have money but many money it it,'s not very good, because the money changes everyone 
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The modern world operates on money. With money bills are paid,bigger houses and cars can be bought.
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Money is necessary for our life. We can buy new clothes, bigger house, and many tings when we have Much money. It brings us a comfortable life.
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yes I do.

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No I don't agree. Some people strive to earn as much as they can simply because they are in need and are trying to put themselves in a better position than they have been for most of their lives. True everybody has their own reasons for wanting money. But it's not always for greed or materialistic reasons. There are still those who look at attaining money as a mere medium to achieve a higher sense of satisfaction or enjoyment with ones life. Be it through travelling and exploring the world to gaining higher education as well as checking things on their bucket list... So in my opinion people are only bothered with money because its a medium they can use to get them what they truly want in life.

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Earning more money can mean you have more choices but it does not guarantee you will make the right choices or prudent choices so you still need to understand the concepts of saving, spending, investing and sharing.  If you want to spend more, save more, invest more or give more to others, you have to earn more.  Unfortunately, with access to debt, people have forgotten about the importance of earning money. I earn money even being at home and playing

My experience in the financial industry has taught me that one common trait of the wealthy is not just the ability to save more and accumulate more but there is also a strong tie to the ability to earn money. Earning more money could come from a solid education and working in a higher paying profession.  It could also come from someone who is willing to sacrifice and work 2 or 3 jobs to get ahead financially.  It might be those people that understand that earning more income can come from earning passive income in other ways.  Or sometimes it’s just having the confidence or awareness for income earning opportunities.

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Hello, I do not think that we are all interested in earning
money. Even if many people are working hard to become rich, everyone is not
fascinated about the same thing. However, all of us need money to survive. Personally,
I work to gain more experience.

Have a good day!

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