Do Insects See Us As Gods?


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If they saw me as anything it would have surely been the devil himself when I was a child and had firecrackers.
But these are long passed regrettable memories for me. Today I try to be an equal to the bugs and animals alike.
If one is in my home I carefully escort them outside, I try to never kill anything in an attempt to right my ignorant wrongs of youth.
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G'day Monkeyrabi,

Thank you for your question.

Insects don't have very large brains and like all animals they are focussed on survival. Some see us as targets, others as threats and the vast majority ignore us totally.

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Insects have a very limited consciousness, I would presume. Animals have a slightly more advanced consciousness. Humans have the most advanced consciousness of all, with the ability to imagine and create. We can conceive an reflect upon our own existence. Are you asking whether or not there are forms of consciousness that we do not know yet? Well... Who knows. Unless we discover them or beings above us on this level make themselves known to us, we won't know.
Sorry that I could be of no help here.
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No , I don't think so. I doubt they even see us or think of what we are. They just look to us as threats and they don't really think about who we are or what we are or what we look like. They only focus on surviving and working , and saving their compatriots from the 'giant threats'.
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If im correct insects have alot of eyes so they would believe in polytheism as in the belief of many gods. Ofcourse all the gods would look the same but it's still a collection of gods. If they evolved into a more superior creature and start to think and feel like humans do then you would have a race that would have massive eye test bills and would never understands maths because it would feel like one item yet look like 10 ? Get me
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No, they probably think of us a huge giants. Just because something is bigger doesn't mean something smaller thinks of it as God. Do you think of an elephant as God?

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