How Are The Changing Social Impact Of Education ,Technologies and gender Affecting Religion Today?


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Changes in society often have an influence on the way people view religion. In ancient times religion was often seen to be the highest power in the land, whatever the religion and wherever the place. With advances in education and particularly technology, people’s views on religion have been known to change as their perception of establishments such as the church is questioned.

Huge advances in technology and particularly social media sites have enabled people to express their views to a wider audience than ever before; this has meant that whereas once people felt that they had no voice to question religion or have a voice on how religion affects their daily lives, they now have an outlet. It has also meant that people now may have their own forms of religion in terms of TV shows, bands and sports teams, which everyone has the ability to comment on.

A higher standard of education across the world is also allowing people, not just to question religion and what it represents to them but also to learn about other religions which they were not aware of in previous times. Subjects such as religious education have certainly educated more people and given more freedom of choice in terms of the religion they follow.

In terms of gender, the increase in social mobility amongst women may bring into question some religions and their views on women in society and sex in general. Religions that may be accused of discrimination in terms of a woman’s role in society or the way a person dresses in parts of the world where women are much more socially mobile than they once were. It is unlikely that any religion will adapt hugely because of social advancements but some religions have been seen to adapt slightly to reflect public opinion and changes in society.
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No one is pushing for religious morals to be pushed anymore anywhere as everything else in life has gooen so far out of control, majority have lost sight of God and his miracles, and many don't care anymore either

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