How Has Modern Civilization Impacted The Spiritual Lives Of Indigenous People You Explore? Are Indigenous Religions Still Practiced Today? If So How Have The Practices Changed Over Time?


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I can cite the Philippines as an example. The Philippines used to have a pagan religion before the Spaniards came during the 16th century. The Spaniards, being Catholics, wanted to promulgate Christianity in their colonies. What the friars did was that they integrated some of the pagan beliefs of the Filipinos with Catholic teachings making it easier for the Filipinos to accept the new religion. This has been the trend in the Philippines which is why it is the largest Catholic-populated country in Asia.
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WE, as Aboriginal peoples continue to pray and practice our spirituality because if we do not, then mankind will suffer endlessly. Modernization is change, and we as Indian peoples change and adjust according to Natural Law.

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