Am I a lesbian if I dream about naked women?


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John Hamilton answered
Oh actually it doesn't mean that. A dream means that your brain was either contemplating the fact about being a lesbian or just a random dream. It doesn't mean that you are lesbian! Just ask yourself. Do I like girls? Do I have lustful desires towards girls? Those will answer you more....
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joan saviour answered
You just broke my heart ,I thought you are the one
kajair babakhanloo Profile
Maybe, in real life do you interest with girls? How do you feel about girl?I'm a man and once I see a private areas (:D). I'm not gay.or maybe50% girl 50% boy
flic carter Profile
flic carter answered
You can't define your sexuality by a dream, they have random meanings that don't always relate, but if you want to try dating girls, theres nowt wrong with it, just be upfront about your uncertainties so you don't wind up hurting someone if you decide its not for you
lloyd dailey Profile
lloyd dailey answered
Not necessary ! Now if you follow through it and be with naked women then you might but not by dreaming about them.
Hannah Ann Profile
Hannah Ann answered
Not neccesarily, if you enjoy dreaming about naked woman in a sexual way then maybe you have certain lesbian attractions to woman(lesbian, bisexual, bicurious) but if these dreams do not affect you then they are merely dreams and you shouldnt worry about it :)
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Elijah Strahan answered
Well you aren't lesbo unless you wunna have sex with them and kiss them but I think your just going through that gay faze that everyone goes through when they think about the own gender in that way.

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