I Had A Dream That My Boyfriend Cheated On Me. What Does This Mean?


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When you dream that a boyfriend or spouse has cheated on you, it typically means that you have fears of abandonment.

These feelings can arise if your boyfriend has been paying you less attention than usual. An alternative interpretation is that you're feeling vulnerable and your self-esteem is low: Perhaps you're worried that you don't measure up to his ideals or expectations. You may find that you are lacking in trust and self esteem.
Does This Mean My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me? Probably not! You might just be worried of losing him. This is perfectly normal, and doesn't mean you're paranoid or anything. It's best not to act on dreams like this - I definitely don't think you should accuse him of cheating!

However, our minds are mysterious, and we don't always understand what we feel or think until our subconscious shows us what is going on. Maybe you do have reason to suspect that your boyfriend is really cheating on you, or is not committed to the relationship.

If you believe in dream interpretation, then you'll need to consider your feelings before looking for alternative interpretations. Your boyfriend may be distant because you are - he may be holding back because he senses you do not need him, or that you are not being as truthful about your feelings as you should be.

If you are really worried about being cheated on by your boyfriend, then ask him how he feels. Tell him that you had a dream where he cheated on you, and tell him how it made you feel. Put your feelings out there to show him you are committed!

For a fair and equal relationship, you have to be willing to open up to another, in order to expect the same in return.
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Firstly, we are educated, and I don't think you should believe in all this. And, secondly, if in life this dream really means anything, then try to make your relationship stronger, so that no dream can make a fear in your mind that you will be cheated by your boyfriend - because trust is only the bond which makes our relationship strong.
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Individuals who share an emotional bond often demonstrate profound telepathic abilities; whether or not any of you believe in this phenomenon, I do not know.

However, it has been tested in a laboratory setting through sleep studies, sender->receiver guessing trials, in which the sender is shown an image, and the receiver asked to draw the image or guess from a multiple choice picto-bank, both participants isolated from any sensory means of communications by Faraday Chambers.

These studies repeatedly show significant deviations from statistical probability, often markedly so. I believe that, in many cases, these premonitions of infidelity that you ladies have experienced represent a transference of your spouse's/partners's intentions, anticipations, fantasies or recollections.

I support this theory rather than the equally-plausible subconscious processing of hints/clues theory, because of the body of scientific literature confirming the existence of these psi phenomena. Both may play a role, however never discount the immense processing capacity of the human brain.

Assuming some of the cases you've described did not come to fruition [therefore likely fantasies], I earnestly advise caution and vigilant observation - as opposed to confrontation and accusation - in responding to the hunch that your spouse or partner is finagling with another behind your back.

I offer you my two cents of conjecture, and hope that your relationships thrive with fortitude and well-being, open communication is the key. G'day all.
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That he was on your mind.  You may be a bit insecure, but not necessarily.  I would not put too much into it, just remember it. 

Dreams are part of our subconscious and reflect things that we are not able to get to (in our minds) while we are awake.
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Honestly, it means that you are only ready for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. If you're hoping for something more concrete, then forget it.  You're not ready if you are creating problems without a problem existing, for a serious relationship.
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I will have to say Summer hit the nail on the head. You are subconsciously questioning the trust and validity of your relationship. It is time to have a talk.
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Dreams are usually..(not always) caused by something that happened in your life.

It  could be that you feel, deep down, that this may be going on - or it could just be the effect of something someone told you, or even a movie you saw.

It can be anything in your subconscious, causing you to dream this, but if you are not sure why you keep having this same dream, maybe you should ask your boyfriend.

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