What Did The Man And The Lion Argue About In The Fable?


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A man and a lion walked through the forest, chatting. After a while they began to argue about who was the stronger. The man began to show off his muscles, and the lion showed his teeth; though he refrained from eating the man up to prove his point.

Presently they came to a clearing, where they saw a statue of a big, powerfully built man strangling a lion. The man pointed to the statue in triumph, saying that this just proved how strong men were. No, said the lion patiently, all it proved was that men knew how to make sculptures and lions didn't. If lions could make statues, we would see something very different.

"And what would we see?" the man enquired. "My friend," replied the beast, "we would see a statue of a man being strangled by a lion."

The moral is that you should think who is telling a story before you decide whether to believe it.

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