Why Does The Number 7 Have A Consistant Theme Throughout The Whole Bible?


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People say the number 7 means wholeness, but I believe it means pureness, righteousness, and holiness (sanctified), because in the book Revelation, Jesus warns one of the 7 churches that if they don't repent and obey him then he will come and take their candlestick, which is the Angel of the church.
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Because i think its because they say that god created the world in 7 days maye thats why there is 7 days in a week but thats what  i think oh can you also rate this answer please
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Shieldman correct, I think it took 6 days and he rested 1 day, Not that God needs rest.
It may seem like a very small thing, but ( g, G ) only the Creator is G all other gods
are just idols, or not gods at all if you will.

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