What is your dream guy: Their height, eye color, hair color, personality; jock, smart kid ect what are some of his qualities details on your dream guy please! Best answers (detailed) get a helpful?


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Height from 5'6 to 6' ish. Eye colour: Hazel/brown or green, hair colour: Light brown, Personality, smart but capable of being a bad boy :P

I'd like it if he could play a musical instrument, was good at sport, etc....
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bobbie smith
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Its true thats what attracts you to them at the start
Brittany Schlatt
Brittany Schlatt commented
Now that's really cute! Also a bad boy. ;D
Kiara Harris
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;D i've met a few guys that fit it perfectly...the best of these lives on the opposite side of the world to me :( haha
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Maxine Chan answered
I am 5 ft 7 in tall so I would say that have to be my height or taller. I do not mind a 6 ft tall guy though:) Brown gorgeous eyes or blue or green.. Eye color does not matter to me as long as they shine. For a personality, the guy has to be funny, smart, but not a bookworm, he has to be strong so he can carry me.. I do not want a weakling so no skinny guys. I want romantic, loving, caring, loyal. Honest, sexy guys who will take me on a walk on a beach, have a candlelit dinner, and to cuddle with me in bed.
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Elizabeth Hayes answered
I'm 5'4", so the guy has to be at least 6 feet tall, I prefer dark brown hair, kinda messy, and short, but not really short, I like my guys lean, and a little built, I prefer guys with blue, green, or hazel eyes, For me the personality has to be a little complicated, I would have to have a guy that could handle me being honest, and blunt about things, and consider my opinions before judging them, So his personality should be somewhere between, Confident, opinionated, && sweet  :))  I usually fall for the jocks, thats usually my thing since I like guys that can take care of themselves and me :)) I like outgoing guys mainly because I do different things during the year and I need someone that I can take with me, for ex: Horse back riding, snowboarding, Skiing, the gym, or even just meeting my family and cuddling with me. The qualities I find most attractive in a guy is the way he would carry himself, and the way he acts around other people, and a guy that wouldnt ignore me infront of his friends, or show me off like some trophy. So basically my dream guy, is litterally a dream because I haven't found him yet :))
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Viva La Vida answered
Height: 5"11 and up. But not too tall
eye and hair color: Bright blue eyes and I kindahave a soft spot for red hair!
Personality: Not a really popular guy, sarcastic funny but knows when to stop, SMART, athletic, likes to live out in the country, sweet and nice to the one he loves ;]
oh and has feelings!
I kinda just described my crush ! ;]
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leeanzia answered
Hair color has to be blonde or brown, eye color would have to be blue or a brown, height would have to be a little taller then me and I'm about 5'6 so about 6 for my dream guy and their personality able to be a bad boy, funny, smart but not a nerd, sweet, nice to my friends and I think I found that guy ages ago but moved away from him so yeah I just have to keepm looking lol
Maria Not Telling Profile
Height at least 6.1 top 6.8
hair color doest matter
build muscular and strong and wide shoulders
eye color there again could care less
good things to have
own place
motorcycle big arms
oh  and must be older than me
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Sara Schwebel answered
Well lets see 5'7. Blond hair. Green eyes with yellow in the middle. Sweet when he needs to be, funny when he should be, understanding all the time, good with his family, loves my family, doesn't flirt with other girls and doesn't cheat. Mechanic. Average on smartness. Loves to wrestle ( NOT with me.). Strong enough to lift me. Loves God. And would be an amazing dad. But most important just makes me feel happy all the time.  All this was not always the picture I had of my "dream guy" but my picture of a dream guy changed when I met the guy of my dreams. He is everything I just said and now that I know him I couldn't dream of anything better.
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Well, I don't really have a specific type, I love differences and types. But, I love big brown eyes and hair. A beautiful smile, that seduces you and draws you in. Height and weight don't matter to me at all, I like medium height and my guys with meat. I like a funny, or shy, smart, funny, outgoing, understanding guy. I'd even like a guy who's almost like me, like he's experienced a lot of trauma in life or more like me.
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taylor answered
eye color: Brown
hair color:dark brown
personality: Funny, caring, cute, friendly, smart, lovable..
Kind.: Basketballl player for sure.ha.
Has to have a gorgeous smile.
And loves me for who I am.dresses nice.
Knows me for who I am and tries not to change me.
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Amanda SomeGirl answered

Well height wouldnt really matter to me as long as they aren't shorter than me by a lot. Hair and eye color do not matter at all. I'm attracted to guys with a sense of humor and sarcasm. I also love guys who are intelligent and well educated. As for body type, he doesn't have to be super athletic. I just like healthy guys, not necessarily ones who are always involved in sports. Traits I also like are honesty, faithfulness, and respectful.

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